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Last night I scurried off into the office/second bedroom/craft room/vintage clothing closet (you get the idea) and I took pictures of a few of my vintage dresses for you all! I'll be sharing these dresses in different posts. Mostly because I have more than 20 dresses and some of them deserve a post of their own. I will also share my jewelry as well, because that is something else that I tend to collect and I might even slip in shoes. Amazingly though, I only have four pairs of vintage shoes.

Where did my love of vintage start?

When I really think about it, I'd have to say it all started when I was little and figure skated. I got to be in these amazing summer and winter ice shows (think Ice Follies). The older girls got to wear these amazing old outfits, some of which were from some of the true Ice Follies. They were old, big, beautiful and covered in crystals and rhinestones. I adored them and dreamed of being older and getting to wear them. When the older girls would go out to skate I would sneak into their dressing rooms and pick up the crystals that had fallen off of these dresses/gowns. I saved them and still to this day I have them in a box.

After my very noticeable tomboy phase I started collecting vintage jewelry. My collection started with rhinestone necklaces and brooches, because four years ago brooches were very "in". That collection stated turning into clothing after I found this wonderful vintage shop in Colorado Springs, CO. If you're ever visiting, go to Swish. It is simply amazing and the owner, Shelley, is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I'd say at least half of my collection has come from her.

While I mostly collect 30's-70's dresses, they run the whole gambit of styles. I have basic day dresses all the way up to ball gowns. I will share all of them with you!

Okay...okay I promised dresses, so I will give you a few. I am also taking pictures of the interior of some of these dresses, because the construction deserves to be seen.

All of these wonderful dresses will be modeled by my wonderful dress form who I have lovingly named Betty. Betty isn't very busty, so you'll have to forgive her for not filling everything out as well as she could.

First up is my most recent addition to my collection. I got this one on my last trip to CO and of course I had to stop by Swish. It's a beautiful champagne colored satin (a very heavy satin) with glass pearl and prong set rhinestones. I believe it was from around the late 50's. There is a little color variation towards the bottom, but it makes the dress look like it's ombred. With all of the beading there is only two stones missing.



Detail of beading


Interior, with what looks to be a newer zipper.

Next up is a black chiffon dress that I grabbed up for all of $10 at our local Buffalo exchange. It's most likely late 60's and is missing it's liner. I was drawn to it because of the rhinestones that were placed around the top to create almost a lattice look. It is also cinched in at the waist which creates a blousing effect to the top. It's not in amazing shape, but there are no major hole, just aging of the rhinestones.


Back, with two buttons at the neck. There are also buttons on the bottom of the sleeves.

Detail of the rhinestones. I believe the were all black at one point, but the coating has come off the back of some and it gives the rhinestones a green color.

Next one is also another Buffalo Exchange find for cheap. I honestly have no idea what is going on with this dress. It's amazingly random and makes me laugh. It's pretty much a glorified polyester smock or apron. This easily was a 70's dress that was homemade. It's cream and has fancy sequin ribbon that travels the edges. The back has a button at the neck for easy dressing. It honestly was one of those dresses that made me go WTF? If nothing else it will be an awesome Halloween costume of some kind.


The open sides with one button closure.

I had a really good day at Buffalo Exchange, because the next one was purchased with the other two. I was actually shocked to find this dress there, because it's in very good condition with all of the beading. There is only one small section on the shoulder that has lost any beading. It's a 70's dress that has the look of a dress from the 20/30's. It's two layers of chiffon with an acetate lining, there is beading at the waist which gives the top a bloused look. I'd call the color a dusty lavender.



Here you can see the sliver and white seed beads, as well as the beaded waist band.

Lost beading on the strap.

I was rather impressed with the fastening on this dress. There is a full metal zipper and a hook and eye at the top. To hide the zipper there are snaps all the way down.

My last dress for the day is my mom's dress from the 70's. She owned this when she lived in St. Thomas. I never in my life saw her wear a dress, but she had a few that she saved. I love this dress, not only because it was my mom's, but because of the colors and pattern. I have worn this dress many times. The first being for Halloween in middle school. The other times was when I was older and because I could damnit! It's hand woven raw silk from Thailand and has a bright yellow rayon lining. This dress is, of course, one of my most treasured and really the dress that started my whole collection!



Silk knot buttons on the sleeves.

Detail of the fabric pattern.

There is the start of my collection. I still have a lot of dresses that I need to take pictures of, which I will be doing today. I will slowly post them through this month and the next. I hope you have enjoyed!

Do you collect anything vintage/antique? Have you ever thought of adding vintage into your everyday wardrobe? Do you have a favorite dress from this group?


  1. You know I was waiting for this post! I definitely enjoyed it. I can't believe you have such a vintage collection!

  2. I lurve the purple one-the beading is beautiful!

  3. These are so cool! I LOVE the beading and cut of the first one, so amazing.
    I love that you have this collection.

    I also love that you were an ice skater--how cool! Did you and Anh ever run into each other in competitions? That would be wild!

  4. I just passed along an award to you!