What would you do (Etsy)

3/11/2010 03:43:00 PM Ashley 5 Comments

As many of you know, I love love love love love Etsy. I use it both to shop and to sell my goods. I think it's a great place for artists and customers to come together for unique and wonderful things. One of the many things I love about Etsy is that they allow the sales of vintage items, which of course makes me swoon! I'm always on the look out for the next great vintage thing I just need. Sadly though I have been noticing that some sellers are selling things that are less than vintage.

Case in point...today I saw something that was being sold as a item from the 1970's, when I knew for a fact that it was a very new product. As in I just purchased the same exact item two years ago (brand new). Also I will say that the item was being sold for pretty much what you would expect to see it on sale for.

My question to all of you lovely readers (and many who are Etsians), what would you do? Would you play it off? Say something? What?

My thought is that if you are being told that it is vintage, then in fact it better be vintage. And no, two years does not count.

Let me know what you think or would do in the comments below!


  1. Is there a way to report it to Etsy? I don't have an account there, but if I were to use it I would be highly upset if I were lied to like that. I would definitely speak up.

  2. I agree, there is probably some way to report it to the Etsy moderators. Even if the price seems "right" people are buying something with the expectation of it being vintage and they are therefore being tricked.

  3. Report it. That's not cool.

  4. Personally, I'd report it. That's not cool. When I look for unique or vintage items on there, I expect them to be just that. I'd be really irritated if I bought that same item and you told me it was in fact only two years old. I would probably send them a less than friendly message about it. Do what your gut tells you.

  5. I almost always try to contact the seller before I report it. I want to give them the chance to do something about it. Sometimes they ignore me, sometimes they are less than pleased with me for pointing it out and in this case the seller was embarrassed by such a huge over-site and quickly took the item down.