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Before I get into my interestingly fun night...if you haven't signed up for my giveaway, go do that now! I know I'm getting a lot of hit/readers. Do you not want my green offerings? Of course you do. Just go reply. I don't bite. Seriously we're talking MAC, Calvin Klein and Sephora here. Do it!

Oh yeah I totally just made all of that a link, that's how serious I am!

Now for what happened last night...

Last night seemed to be a bit of a joke, with me trying to get Nate off to the airport 3 times. After having to pick him back up the first time because of almost a 2 hour delay, we ran to Flying Star to get him a grilled cheese sandwich. While we were in the area I ran into our local Bare Escentuals (Minerals?) store and tried out the not so new matte foundation. There lightest shade was a no go for me.

Not. Shocked. At. All.

Back to the pasty drawing board for me.

I did grab two new shadows though! I have been debating about getting Soiree for awhile, because it's a green and as you all know by now I have a crap ton few green shadows. I told myself that it was okay to get it because I had been wanting it forever and that I didn't have a green even close to that color.


Yes I have makeup issues.

On a less crazy about green note, the other color I got was Liberty. It's a pretty blue with some gray in it. Part of me thinks it looks a bit like denim...if you wore denim that was super shimmery.

Swatches for you!

Liberty on the left and Soiree on the right

Liberty and Soiree swatched on my arm.

After dinner and makeup I ran Nate back to the airport (lucky us for a small airport). As I drive off to my next destination (half way there mind you), I get a phone call from the boy letting me know that his flight has be canceled and that he was getting on a later flight. Back I went to get him, because I wouldn't want him to sit in a small airport for three hours. I must love him or something. This of course meant he got to go shopping with me, because damnit I was going to find a good fitting boyfriend jean.

Stopped by Old Navy, which as always is hit or miss. Their boyfriend jeans didn't fit.

On a side note, is there really a need to rip jeans to crap and then sell them for $10-20 more? Honestly if I want holes in them, I will put holes in them thankyouverymuch.

I did find some awesomely cute tank tops for $12.50, but of course not in my size. So off to their online shop I went.

Petal Trim Tank from Old Navy ($12.50)

Rosette Tank from Old Navy ($12.50)

I'm loving all of the colors they are coming in as well. The petal trim tank is for sure coming home with me, because I have the perfect yellow sweater it can go under.

After a bust at Old Navy, we ran to the mall where Nate picked up a crossword magazine and I found the new magazine I have been looking for ever since I had seen it over at Centsational Girl. This new magazine (as in their first edition) is called Flea Market Style. Pretty much if you love finding old dilapidated items and giving them a fresh breath of life in your house...then this is a magazine for you!

Okay, sorry...I swear this post is going to get more exciting.

I ran quickly to Gap to try on the two washes of boyfriend jeans they had. This all could have happened a lot quicker if the sales person didn't keep talking and talking and talking and talking. Seriously...if I have told you that I know all about your fits and I know what does and does not work for me QUIT trying to push me into jeans I just said don't work for me! Also if I say the pockets are fine...then don't tell me that other people have issues with them. I just informed you that I am fine with them. Nate could see that I was not charmed, if only the sales person had picked up on that as well. I'm all for good/great costumer service, but listen to what costumer is saying and go from there.


Sorry it's a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Thank you years of working in retail myself.

I finally made it to the fitting room where I was able to snap these awesome pictures for you! These are cell phone pictures...but we can always pretend like they were professionally taken.

First up are the Trouser Boyfriend Jeans, click the link...please...cause these pictures do not show the true color what-so-ever.

2010-03-08 18.15.25
2010-03-08 18.14.50

There is a lot of whiskering on these, which I normally try to stay away from, but with them being a lighter wash it wasn't as noticeable.

Next is the Boyfriend Distressed Jeans.

2010-03-08 18.16.39
2010-03-08 18.18.32

Can we just take a moment to notice the crazy amounts of whiskering that slowly disappears into my lady parts? Yeah not such a hot look at all. I took the very blurry up close picture so you could really see the whiskering.

I went with the first pair of denim. I could have gotten a size smaller. YAY! But I wanted them to fit looser, so I stuck with the larger size so that they can stretch out and look all boyfriend-y.

What about Nate you ask? Well after the trip to Gap I got him back to the airport and his new flight actually left. On time even. Don't you worry though, I'll be back there today picking him up.

Don't even start...I know it's a less than a day trip.

Before heading home I stopped at the drug store to pick up more tooth paste. A random recommendation for all of you with sensitive teeth, if you haven't tried Sensodyne you totally need to. If you have, then you need to try their new Iso-active toothpaste. It starts as a gel and foams in your mouth. I swear by the stuff!

I also broke and picked up Commander-in-chic from Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure line. I had debated about this color ever since the line was introduced. It would go into the shopping basket and then back onto the self right before check out. This happened at least four different times. I always ended up with other colors from the line. Plus what I feel isn't the most amazing polish for the price, I just planned on not buying anymore from the line.

I'll be damned if other people's reviews on it didn't spike my interest in it again. Apparently it's been selling out a lot of places, but not here. My drugstore was stocked three deep. So if anyone really wants this color, let me know.

I also picked up Rimmel's nail color in "Steel Grey", because I read somewhere that it's a cheaper dupe to Commander-in-chic (please forgive me, I cannot remember where I read that). I was able to grab mine on sale for $2 compared to the $7.50 for the Sally Hansen.

Rimmel "Steel Grey" and Sally Hansen "Commander-in-chic"

Seeing as this blog is already long, I will save the side by side comparison of the nail polishes for another blog. Perhaps tomorrow.

There was my fun filled night of trips to the airport and shopping. Some days are just more event filled then others and I wouldn't change a thing.

Do you every have days that start calmly and then turn into you running around like crazy? Have you succumbed to the Commander-in-chic craze?

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  1. Haha, what a night! At least you got some shopping in! I am loving Soiree, so pretty! I can't wait to win your giveaway :) I am already sending vibes to it!!! LOL