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3/19/2010 02:44:00 PM Ashley 3 Comments

It's raining here and while I love me some rain I really could do without the 40+ mph gusts of wind (with the wind holding steady at 30 mph). It's spring time here. Sadly I am not as happy about spring as most people are. This damn wind just kills it for me.

All of this wind, blowing sand and quickly rising temperatures make for less than happy skin for Ashley.

Yep went third person there.

Of course this means that I am going to be switching out my beauty products to deal with the changing season. I started to realize that a good majority of my totally LOVE, must have products come from Origins.

I then also realized that Origins hardly ever gets brought up in the blogs and forums I read. How odd. What is it that keeps people from using their products? I personally have had a love affair with the company ever since I started my love affair with all things beauty. My mom used the products for a long time and when she saw that I was ready for good products she took me there.

I loved that at the time they had a foundation that was pale light enough to match my skin tone and that truly worked for me.

Origins...could you please bring back your alabaster foundation? I would love you forever!

This all got me thinking...since I love the company so much and I feel like they don't get anywhere near the amount of love that they should, I am going to share with you my favorite things from them. This is all stuff that I have used and/or am currently using.

So won't you come along as I talk about Origins and why you should thing about them on your next beauty outing?

Silk Screen

This is currently in my purse for all of my touch up needs. It's so light and soft, as well as very build-able for all of my coverage needs. It works with my oily/confused skin and is great for covering any oily spots I might get throughout the day. Plus it takes a beating being in my purse and has yet to crack or break up when dropped.

Liquid Lip Color

I really love this lip gloss/color because they have such a rich color to them and a nice shine. It also has a wonderful mint flavor to it which is very refreshing. I always have one of these in my purse at all times.

Colors I love: Juicy Details, Real Rosy, Pink It Over, Soft Sizzle and Carmel Candy


I almost always forget how much I love their shadows. I have a few from their new line a some that are very old (like I don't want to go into how old) and I always refind them and fall in love all over again. They wear really well for me, as in they don't crease as much and stay on all day for me. They don't have a huge selection of colors, but what they do have is awesome neutrals with nice bold colors mixed in.

Colors I love: Copper Penny, Summer Sunset, Blue Moon and Moss.

Underwear for Lids (color)
Underwear for Lids

Their version of an eyelid primer. This is used almost daily for me. I have tried both the neutral color and the gold dust which has some shimmer to it (think Urban Decay's Sin primer). I love how easily this glides on and it really does help the shadows to stay in place. You can also use the shimmers as a quick color to throw on.

Eye Brightening Color Stick

Ever have a day when your eyes are feeling tired...or if you're like me and have eyes that don't open super wide? Well then this is perfect for you. I adore this thing. I remember when it first came out, my go to Origins sales woman called me to come in and try it. She knew it would be perfect to make my small eyes look larger and boy did it! I fell in love and haven't looked back since. I put this in the inner corners of my eyes and blend gently. The blue color is supposed to help make the whites of your eyes look whiter as well, which leads to bigger and fresher looking eyes!

Checks and Balances

Frothy and creamy all at the same time! I love this face wash and it's a staple in the shower. My skin always feels soft and never too dry after I use this. If you have combination skin that never knows what to do, this is a great product to look into. I even got my husband into using it!

United State

During the winter I use this because that is when my skin is most "confused". It helps balance my skin and get it ready for a moisturizer. It's also just nice to sweep on when I am wanting something lighter than what most moisturizers can offer me.

Oil refiner

This is what I switch to when my skin goes super oily during the summer months. This helps blot out oil and leaves a nice soft matte finish. I use this a lot and it never leaves me feeling dry.

Balanced Diet

I pair this lotion with United State. It works to keep my confused skin balanced while not leaving any heaviness behind.

Matte Scientist

I have always loved this name! Maybe it's because I am married to a scientist, who knows. One thing I do know is that this lotion is perfect for oily skin. I pair it with the Oil refiner and honestly that combo is on of the few that has ever been able to fight my oiliness with out making my skin feel dry.

Modern Friction

Hello again cute name. This...is...a...must...have. Run, don't walk and get this! I LOVE this product. It has rice starch in it...which helps sluff away dead skin and brighten it. Hello awesomeness. I love that you can use it on dry or wet skin, depending on your skin type and how much work you want it to do. I love even more that they also now sell it in a tube for easier shower handling!


I am super, super, super picky about lotions. Most tend to kill my skin or leave it feeling so greasy and sticky that I can feel my legs sticking together. This does none of that. In fact I can use it on my legs without freaking them out. It's also super light and not greasy, so if you hate lotion...you just might not hate this.

Ginger Essence

If I had to pick a signature scent this would be it. I love the warmth of the ginger and freshness from the citrus. It really is a perfect year round scent for me. Plus the sell it in the perfect sized rollerball!

Peace of Mind

Another MUST HAVE item that I can't live without. If you get headaches and hate always taking pills, this is great. You take it and massage it into your pressure point on your head (temples, right below your earlobes and back of your neck). Then you breath deeply (you can also hold your hands in front of your face while you breath). I don't know why it works so well, but it does. I swear by this stuff!

There you have it, all of the products I love from Origins. Now keep in mind some of this may not work for all of you if you don't have my skin type, but definitely try out the things that work for you! Of the things I love I would absolutely recommend that you try Modern Friction and Peace of Mind. Lurve them. Also, Origins gives free samples!

Did you know that Origins dose a recycling program?

You can take in your cosmetic tubes, bottles and jars and they will recycle them for you. What's even better? They will take it no matter what company it's from! They'll even give you a free sample as a thank you. How great is that?

Have you ever tried Origins before? Did you like them? If you have, what are your favorite products? If you haven't, would you be willing to try their products? Let me know in the comments bellow!


  1. Oh, no. See, my husband used to work at the plant that made Origins products and may other products and told me to never buy Origins because he knows everything that goes on in that plant... which I won't say.

  2. Deconstruction: I'm honestly not all that shocked that there are issues. It seems like it's hard to find any major company that doesn't have them (I worked for a company the sold children's clothing that was being made by children). I haven't had any issues with the product line yet, so I'll stand by it.

  3. @Deconstruction: Can you please share at least a tidbit of what goes on at the factory? I tried Googling to see what issues I could find with Origins or Estée Lauder, and I can't find anything negative about them.

    I'm curious about what your husband saw.