A long weekend

3/21/2010 08:47:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

This is the weekend that would never end. My sleep schedule has been that of naps in the evening to cope with the lack of sleep I have been getting during the night.

Friday night was fairly normal, with Nate studying for his GRE which he was to take on Saturday. Around 9pm Emmett started to act oddly, mostly he didn't want to jump on things, which for him...is odd. Then around 10pm Nate tried to pick him up to put him on the sofa and that's when the night took a less than pleasing turn. Emmett started yelping, crying and screaming. Instantly was started feeling his body trying to figure out where it hurt and he gave no response. He promptly got up and walked around like everything was fine.

This happened a few more times and each time he got worse. This pretty much sent me into a tissy. I called the Pet ER and boy are they less than helpful. I told them everything that was happening and all the person could do was tell me how much it was going to cost.

Really you don't think I know you are going to bend us over? Do you honestly think I would be calling your over priced place if I wasn't truly concerned? I hung up.

At this point it was around 1am and I'm not only freaking out because our dog is in pain, but because Nate had to take his GRE in less that twelve hours.

Awesome timing.

We decided to try to wait it out till 8am when our vet opened. With Emmett not being able to jump and us not wanting him to get hurt further we decided to have Nate sleep on the floor and me in the LoveSac. In the process of getting blankets and pillows Emmett slipped past Nate and promptly jumped onto the bed. Can I please just say that a yelping puppy is a total soul killer. We got him to calm down and settled in for some of worst sleep I have ever gotten.

What I wouldn't have done to have my 20-22 year old body that could sleep in awkward places yet still wake up refreshed.

The vet kindly took us first thing in the morning and after some poking and prodding they decided to take him back for an x-ray. They came back and told us that Emmett has the starts of arthritis in his hips. Pretty much he's got some bad genetics and the round part of the bone isn't as round as it should be so it's causing issues with the bone around the socket.

Pretty much we were told we can give him pain meds and possibly do a surgery to help the pain. Right now I'm not sold. The pain meds have some major issues that they didn't discuss with us. Plus we don't want to just give him pain meds if he's not in pain. So right now we are looking into doing preventative treatments and we'll only use the meds if he is in some kind of pain.

Amazingly Emmett is doing much much better today. We aren't letting him jump on or off of things and even bought him those way cool doggie steps for our bed. There is no good way to make those look like a part of the decor. I am looking forward to a normal nights sleep tonight, seeing as this weekend has been spent with Emmett, napping and watching Nate play video games.

On a happier note, even with all of this craziness, Nate was able to go take his GRE and did an awesome job! He aced the math...of course. I try not to envy him too much for being so awesome with all things numbers.

Tomorrow everything should be back to normal for my blogging and such. For now I'm going to sit here with an Emmett in my lap before heading to bed.


  1. Poor Emmett! I will agree, doggie cries are the worst. They twist me in to a ball of anxiety. Last summer was the worst for my two little ladies. They got themselves in to so much trouble the vet receptionist and I became bff's. I'm glad he's feeling better and I'm glad Nate did so well on his GRE! Hope you get some sleep.

  2. Oh no! I feel so bad for Emmett, I hope he feels better, that is really sad. But yay for Nate rocking the GRE!