Organizing madness

3/28/2010 04:09:00 PM Ashley 3 Comments

I have one current major goal right now. Organize. By organizing everything in our house I am able to tell what should be kept, tossed or donated.

My most current project is organizing my beads, which is a HUGE project to tackle. Seriously...I own two different large tackle boxes filled with beads. It's pretty mind blowing. I'll post about them at a later time. Today's post is about the copious amounts of ribbon I needed to work through as well as the always forgotten toolbox.

I will admit...I have a lot of ribbon. Some of it was ribbon I got from my mom and work, while the rest was just random purchases.

Why so much ribbon?

I love wrapping gifts with wonderful bows and I use it in my crafts.

In the past year I had ribbon all over the house. I had stuff in the garage...mixed in with my the office. Everywhere. So I spent the day collecting everything and putting it in one spot.

What I started with. The red ribbon on the top was used for our wedding.

Bolts of ribbon that had been used was pinned down to keep it in place.

Loose ribbon was wrapped around my fingers and tied off.

Bolts of ribbon were placed in long plastic bins that are meant for wrapping paper, which I got from Target. They actually came with smaller boxes for ribbon and I used those for my loose ribbon.

Overall, I'm happy that everything is all in one spot now. I'll be happier when I can have them properly displayed in a craft room, but for the somewhat constant moving that will be happening soon, I'm happy with this.

Next up was our poor toolbox that lives in our garage. It usually just has stuff tossed back into it, if those items even make it that far. When I got to it, there was a good amount of its contents sitting on top of the box.

Be amazed at the laziness that it takes to set it on top of the box, but not actually opening the box to put the stuff inside.

Somewhat unknowing when you open it.

The bottom of the box. It may not look awful, but I had started taking some of the items out and I'm just crazy.

Organized! Tape to the left, tools in the center, nails to the right.

Loose nails and screws separated and living happily.

Larger, random items stored in the box on the top. What a novel idea to use the space that the toolbox supplies.

The insert with all of the main tools we use the most. This pulls out and can be carried around.

Is it perfect? Probably not, but it's a million times better. We can now find things much easier than before. Plus we can quit buying hammers.

You like our toolbox? Me too. You can get it at Lowe's.

Are you doing any organizing? How do you tackle your organizational projects? Is there something you need to tackle, but just can't bring yourself to do yet?


  1. Love the ribbon! And the green shoes you have on.

  2. That's a lot of ribbon! :) I have to get my butt spring cleaning soon. We've managed to accumulate far to much stuff this winter.

  3. Laddie: Sometimes you just have to pimp the green slippers!

    Naughty Mommy: Winter is totally pack rat season for us as well. Sometimes it seems like the cleaning will never end!