Donation pile #1

3/18/2010 05:36:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

Spring cleaning is in full effect at our house. This is happening for many reasons, which hopefully I can talk about in the very near future. Everything that is happening is too good to be true and I will have no jinxing of it.

Thank. You. Very. Much.

Anywho, we are cleaning out a lot of stuff. I'm trying to be very specific about what we really need and what we just don't need.

Like...we don't need 7 pairs of towels for the guest bathroom.

Or the full sized sheets when we don't have a full sized bed.

Some of it is stuff from my bedroom in my parents house and it's just time to say good-bye to some my 16 year old self.

We really haven't done a good cleaning spree like this since we got here. I'm loving knowing that not only are we ridding ourselves of stuff we don't need, but that we are donating it to a good charity (Big Brother, Big Sisters picks up the donations).

How much stuff did we get rid of you ask?


That would be 10 bag and 6 boxes of stuff.


I would have also included the lamp, but some jackoff decided to come and take the lamp like it was some freebie. Now I totally get that we were donating the stuff, but come on. It's not there for you to snatch when we're not looking. If you want it so badly come to our door and ask for it.

Whoever you kinda really suck. This is one of the many ways we donate to charity and you just take the stuff you like? At least this time you weren't ballsy enough to rummage through the bags.

Oh yeah scummy person...don't think I didn't notice that the last time I put my donations out.

Now that I am infuriated with people, I am going to get back to organizing our junk drawer.

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  1. Good job! The last time I did a big donation was about 2 and a half years ago, the last time I moved. I really want to do it again, but I have such a hard time parting with stuff.