A splash of color and poppies

3/03/2010 08:00:00 AM Ashley 5 Comments

I had been talking about redoing our guest bathroom recently. I think the desire to do it really hit me after I finally pulled our master bathroom together and it turned out so well. It wasn't that our guest bathroom looked bad, it was just that it felt tired. We have been living with this bamboo look for well over three years and while I am an admitted lover of all things green I wanted more color.

To give you an idea this is what the bathroom looked like. It was a nice look and well put together, which is important to me because it's the main bathroom that everyone sees.

The shower curtain had a linen look and feel, but I wouldn't say it was a true linen. The bamboo was actually embroidered onto it with two different colored threads.

I went with a plastic liner with a bamboo pattern to add a little fun and give the person using the shower something to look at. What can I say, I am a visual person and I love adding extra unexpected touches.

This was hanging above the toilet. I have had this piece for well over ten years and it just worked in this current bathroom. I guess I have really been into the Asian look for awhile (I still love it, but we all need change).

These were on the wall to the right when you walk into the bathroom. They are mostly covered when the door is open. Again, I have had these for well over ten years. I had no place to hang them and then noticed that there was three nails already in the wall so up they went.

Normally there are towels hanging off of the hooks on the wall (which is from Anthropologie). The black vase (ten plus years old) use to house fresh bamboo. I honestly still love our bamboo looking faucet. It really freshened up the look of a basic sink.

Much like my issues with finding drapes, I was having major issues with finding the perfect shower curtain. Everything was just okay or way too freaking expensive for a simple curtain. $150 for a sheet with holes in it? Come on.

On our recent trip to Colorado I was able to visit The Great Indoors, which is a pretty amazing place for all things home. You need a new stove and some candles? Check. You need a tea pot and bedding? Done and done. Yeah...it's that great. And when I say great I mean they have the bedding I have been lusting after, but that's for another post.

Anywho, I set off to wander the bath section hoping for something amazing. It ended up being a lot of neutrals, which I have no issues with but lets remember that I wanted color! As I circled one of the displays my eyes caught a pop of orange. I swung around and found the Vera "Zinnias-Poppies" collection. It was perfect, but I debated. I snapped a quick picture to show Nate and went on my way. The next day we went to the local HomeGoods and once again that pop of orange caught my eye. Low and behold they had almost the whole collection there. Some quick searching and I found the shower curtain. I was sold. Of course the pricing was amazing. I got almost everything for 50-60% off. Score!

So now...for the very exciting makeover results. You saw the before, now here is the after!

The curtain had mostly oranges with mustard yellow and olive greens splashed in there for fun. I actually already had the orange towel (don't worry it won't have perfectly matching towels all the time). I was actually thinking that I was going to have to find a new rug, but the current one matches really well and also helps to break up the colors a bit.

A close up of the pattern and colors. Lets ignore the wrinkles and creases. It was really hot in the bathroom already with the sun coming in through the window and I wasn't going to add steam to that mix. I'll pull out the steamer and get to them later.

The back of the toilet. I got the cream tray for $6 because it gives a more flat surface to work with. At some point I'd like to get a hutch to put behind it to give more stroage space, but that will have to wait until we move. If and when we get one, the tray would move into the hutch. I'm still playing with how I want the set up to look, I don't know if I'm a 100% in love with it. I'll live with it for a day or two before I move anything. The greenish/yellow jar is a antique carnival glass jar with an iridescence to it.

The vase with poppies was actually something I had in the guest bedroom. Yay for getting to re-purpose things! The vase was my mom's (a birthday gift from me) and the poppies were a visual display that were getting tossed into the garbage my car. It's like I knew that one day I would have the perfect use for them.

Making trash look fabulous since 2010!

I need to make a few finishing touches. Mostly that involves some sort of wall art to replace the stuff I took down. I think I am going to try to make the artwork myself. I will of course post on that once I make it and hang it up.

To tie this back to my mom...seeing as I promised that these posts would talk a little about her. I realize that my love of Vera patterns does not come from nowhere (her prints and patterns were amazingly popular from the 40's to the 70's with most of her things now being collectible). I have always loved her use of color and apparently so did my mom. After her passing I came to own a lot of my mom's old tablecloths, place settings and napkins. A few months back I was setting the table for a dinner party and pulled out very fun napkins that had daisies all over them. Shocking! That's when I realized that they were made by non other than Vera. I not only have those napkins, but also another set that is covered in green plants.

I've been finding out recently that a lot of things I have begun to love were things that my mom held near and dear or had an eye for.

That makes me smile.

Oh and Vera's signature includes a lady bug, which is a bug I have always loved. So much so in fact, that my mom would make and buy things for me with ladybugs.


It's the little things like that which allows me to know that I will always have little things that will remind me of her.


  1. You are brave to experiment with color in your bathroom!

    Our bathroom in our rental apartment comes with pink tile walls, and so we played up the "Miami in the 70's" theme with an aqua-esque shower curtain. Our decorations stopped at that!

  2. I love the before, and though I don't like orange, I love the after as well. Great job!

    As for the lady bug, that's how people tend to pronounce laddiebug. Tehe!

  3. I love the after! Very colorful, and love the flowers. LOVE the antique carnival glass jar! My fav... :)

  4. Love the color, very bright and fun! Hey do you have an email? I want to ask you about something, can you email me at saltwaterdreamsblog@gmail.com whenever you have time?
    thanks! xoxo

  5. Thanks everyone! It was definitely a bold move for us, especially after the peaceful green. I'm really loving it in the afternoon when the sun is coming through the tiny window, it really lights up the room!

    Kristina: I love that glass jar and I thought that the color was just too perfect for in there!