Glorious green giveaway

3/08/2010 12:52:00 PM Ashley 24 Comments

This giveaway is now closed! Thank you to everyone who entered!

With all of this green talk I couldn't help but gather all of my favorite goodies, in beautiful green shades mind you. It doesn't hurt that St. Patrick's day is almost here and these would be the perfect way to make sure you don't get pinched! All I can say is, while my mom may not have worn some of this she definitely would approve of all of this. I know for a fact that she would steal the Calvin Klein eyeshadow.

I just gave away one of the items in the giveaway!

This is a HUGE giveaway for I'm even shocked at how awesome it is. Now keep in mind what is included in no way came from the companies. This is all from me...because I am loving you all for reading. It also means that these are things I love and use. Isn't that awesome? I love getting the chance to share the chance to try out things I use in my everyday life.

Hey remember how I said this giveaway was HUGE? You don't? Read up a paragraph. Okay...well this is so huge that it's going to involve two winners, or a winner and a runner-up. However you want to look at it works. Just know that both are awesome in my eyes. Also, because I would love to share a little bit of my creativity and craftiness, I am adding in some hand stamped and embossed cards with envelopes for both winners!

Now to get on with it.

The first person that get's picked (randomly) gets this group...

What you see: A very cute little travel bag (with polka dots inside...enough said)/MAC shadow in "Swimming"/OPI by Sephora in "Leaf Him at the Alter"/MAC shadow in "Club"/Sephora Nano Eyeliner in "Forest Green"

Awesome dry and foiled swatches of "Swimming" and "Club". Don't worry, these weren't swatched from the beauties you'll be getting.

If you're wondering what "Leaf Him at the Alter" looks like, you're in luck because I blogged about it.

The second person to get picked will get this group (can I say I feel like I am hosting the Price is Right right now?)...

What you'll get: OPI by Sephora in "Dark Room"/*Calvin Klein shadow in "Darkened Green"/Sephora Nano Eyeliner in "Khaki Green"

*Calvin Klein eyeshadow is brand new, I just opened it to snap a picture (with plastic protector still in place). I'd also like to say how sad I am that Calvin Klein's makeup line went away. It was the only line that had foundation that matched me perfectly and their shadows are wonderful.

"Darkened Green" swatched both dry and foiled, using my own shadow.

To see "Dark Room" in all of its dark glory click here.

How to enter:

1. Be sure that you watch/follow this blog, that way if you win I can get your email address so I can ship your goodies out to you as quickly as possible!

2. Post a comment saying enter me and something you'd like to know about me (as long as it's not too personal).

3. If you can only post "anonymously" please leave your name in your post.

4. After the final date to enter I will chose a winner (randomly) and will post the winner in a blog with the way to contact me. The winner will need to email me their info within 72 hours so I can send you the prize. If I haven't been contacted by then, I will chose a new winner.

6. The final date to enter is Sunday, March 14, 2010.

Please enter, because I really do love hearing from all of you and this is my way of thanking you. I can't wait to see what questions you all have for me!

Good Luck!

Edit: Because I'm silly and forgot to add pictures of the cards I am going to include.

Four cards in these four colors is what both winners will receive from me. Cards are like a note card (as in they are not bi-fold).

Close up of embossed stamps. Large stamp on main card with smaller matching stamp on the back of envelope.

Okay that should be everything now!


  1. Hey!!

    i want to know what is the story behind your blog name?

    Lucie xx

  2. Oh my gosh! I am LOVING this giveaway! I am starting the positive vibe wishes going for the first group in the giveaway-I have been wanting Club for so long!!! Please enter me!! :)
    Also, a question about you, hmmm, I already know a lot :) Do you speak any other languages? Where is been your most favorite place you have traveled?
    Thanks!! xoxo

  3. PS-I LOVE Swimming also and have been out of it for a few years now :)

  4. Been following your blog for a while now! I really enjoy it. You are just so honest and real! Looks like an awesome giveaway so please enter me! What is your one beauty product you couldn't live without?

  5. This contest is awesome! I am curious to know, what kind of dog is Emmett?

  6. Please enter me! What an awesome giveaway!

    Who is your personal fashion inspiration?

  7. Hey, girly!! I have been LOVING reading your blog. Enter me in your glorious green giveaway, please! And I want to know if you have always been this into fashion & beauty? What are your earliest fashion & beauty memories?

    Thanks, A!

  8. Enter me! I check your blog every day or two, but you read my blog anyway so you know how to reach me (email address at bottom of blog) or just leave a comment.

    What I would like to know about you... what did you wear to your prom? I love looking at that stuff! It is so much fun.

  9. I really like your blog. I've especially liked your March entries. They're very sweet and I like how you continue to tell us more about your mom.

    My question for you: If you could go on an exotic vacation to anywhere in the world, where would it be?

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  10. Ashley I am so proud of you. This is awesome! Not just the giveaway but your blog.
    You go woman =)

  11. Umm...Enter me please and my question to you is ~ what is 1 thing you can say you do actually like about living here? There has to be at least one lil' thing! Have a wonderful day lady!

  12. What a great giveaway - what color clothing do you think best complements your style?

  13. Please enter me :) great giveaways!

    I would love to know what your dream job is, what are your goals for the next 2 and 5 years and what is your favorite thing about blogging?

    thanks :)

  14. Hi! I love your blog. I love seeing your decorating tips for your home!

    My question is, what is the biggest splurge you've made on shoes, since you collect them. :)

  15. Please enter me in your giveaway! I want to know if we can see your shoe storage. :o)

  16. Very cool giveaway! I'd like to know buying the beauty products you use on a budget. I see all the stuff you have and want it!

  17. Great give away. I am loving all the green items you have been posting for you restroom

  18. Feel free to enter me, I am trying to catch up and find myself laughing that I can answer a lot of those questions asked. My question is, when do I get to see you again and create more adventures? I've missed you so...

  19. Enter me please!
    Hmm...What would I like to know? Whats your favorite vacation destination? Im travel obsessed..Im sorry! :)

  20. Please enter me. You have amazing hair so my question for you is what are your essential hair care products?

  21. I love your blog! Please enter me in your giveaway. :)

    If you could live anywhere...where would it be?

  22. Commenty commenty comment. You know I lurve you dear. My question is... how did you and your awesomesauce husband meet?

  23. Please enter me! Such great giveaways!!!

    And my question is if you were stuck on a desert island and were only allowed five items, what would you pick?