Spring time grooming

3/12/2010 06:06:00 PM Ashley 3 Comments

First, Emmett would like to let you know that he is displeased with us and would be willing to relocate if you can offer many treats and belly rubs.

What caused this dislike? His spring time hair cut.

Most of us have been thinking about open toe shoes, fresh colors and floral dresses. About the time those items start dancing around in my head is also the time when the crazy wind picks up here. Now when I say wind I mean upwards to 70 mph gusts. While that is enough to make you want to hide out, it's nowhere near as bad as the sand it blows around. While that is what I hate, it's nothing like the issues Emmett has with tumble weeds.

A little back story. When we first moved here it was the end of summer and no one felt the need to tell us about the springtime wind and all it brought with it. We got to find out for ourselves.

*Grumble, grumble, grumble*

First came the sand, then came the car sized tumble weeds (I kid you not). Because the development behind us never fully was developed that meant the tumble weeds blow across the road into our yard. Super annoying. Yet not as annoying as the day that you can't figure out where your dog is.

You see, Emmett has a doggie door so he comes and goes, into our fenced yard, as he pleases. One day I noticed he had been in the yard forever so I went to go find him.

He was nowhere to be found.

So I called him.

And then a tumbleweed moved.

I called him again.

Then the tumbleweed moved some more.

My friends, a tumbleweed larger than Emmett had gotten stuck to his fur and he could not break free. I felt awful...that I was laughing so much (I wish I would have gotten pictures, but I was laughing too hard). I broke him free and spent the rest of the night picking bits out of his fur.

We quickly realized that the cute Cocker feathers were going to have to go. So every year when spring hits he gets shaved. Which is funny for us (he looks like a grumpy old man), but not so funny to Emmett (they took his manhood damnit)!

And because we love photos here...this is what he looked like before.

Emmett sleeping this morning, so unknowing.

He disapproves of being woken up. He can hate Nate seeing as he took him in.

Perhaps if he just acts cute we will let him go back to sleep.

He came home looking like this...

The "I'm ignoring you" face.

He's plotting something.

He was just fed, so he might not want to leave us quite yet, but he'd like to keep his options open for the next time he gets groomed tortured.



    He is beyond precious. I love this dog and he looks divine with his haircut.

  2. We used to do the same thing to our childhood dog. However, she liked getting her annual summer buzz, and would run around very carefree afterwards.