A few things

3/24/2010 12:25:00 PM Ashley 8 Comments

I'd like to thank everyone who shared their kind words on my last post. It really means a lot more then you will ever know!

Now...I'd like to bitch complain for a moment.

Dear Census,

Thank you for all of the mailings and fliers that you keep sending to remind us to send back our census. You know what would be even better than sending those things? Actually sending us our census.
Also, I do find humor in the fact that you apparently can't do anything about our missing census without a special ID...which is apparently printed on said missing census. Maybe you don't see the issue, but I sure do.

The home that you are going to have to visit in person

Okay, back to our regular scheduled posting.

I've been thinking a lot about all of my vintage clothing. This might have to do with the fact that I have been in our office/second guest bedroom/craft room/storage/closet a lot this past week. Yes this little bedroom has a lot of uses. We like to refer to it as the overly loved and yet forgotten bedroom. Okay, maybe only I refer to it as that.

Anywho, I keep all of my vintage dresses in this room. I'm still waiting to be transferred back into the 50/60's so I can wear these beauties, but seeing as that's not happening I've been thinking about sharing them with you all. It's still an idea, but I would love to have your input.

Here's one of my many gowns...

I would probably just randomly show a few dresses every once in awhile. Just for fun.

All of this got me thinking...I have a lot a lot of different facets to my life and personality. I love so many different things and honestly I love that about myself. I think this really shows through in my blog as well and I'd like to keep it that way! So here's to being full of randomness. I keeps people on their toes.

Have you gotten your census yet? Would you want to see my vintage collection? Is there something that you would really love to see me blog about? Come out, come out wherever you are!


  1. YES POST YOUR VINTAGE COLLECTION!!!!!!!! I am currently swooning over the above dress.

  2. New follower, and I would love to see your vintage collection! Love the color of that dress!

  3. I love that gown. And yes, I'd love to see your vintage collection. And no, we do not have our census yet and my husband was just ranting about all of our flyers but no census yesterday.

  4. Census is done and sent back.
    Yes, please post collection.

    Very, very sorry to hear about your Mom's passing but your post was very moving. Know she is looking down on you with pride.

  5. No census here...
    I'd love to see your vintage collection!
    Keep blogging the way you are- it's fun & random & well, fun!

  6. i think it's so cool that you collect vintage dresses! do you wear them or just collect?

  7. Deconstruction: I will get more pictures of that dress, including a close up of the beading!

    Mrs. M: Welcome! I am so happy to have you as a follower! I hope you enjoy!

    Cassie: I'm glad we're not the only ones who haven't gotten the census and have noticed the over abundance of fliers.

    Anon 1: Thank you for your kind words about my mother.

    Anon 2: I plan on keeping on with the randomness. It's pretty much how my head works. I'm just glad other people like reading my thoughts!

    Veronika: I collect as well as wear, some are full on ball gowns that sadly don't have a lot of everyday use. Currently I can't fit into 75% right now, but I at one time I could and I will again! They are my one of my driving factors for losing weight.

  8. Please post your collection!! That gown is amazing!!!