What to expect from March

3/01/2010 08:47:00 AM Ashley 2 Comments

March is here. I've been waiting for this month with eagerness and a little apprehension. It's one of those months that always seems to have a lot going on. Spring comes in this month, as does St. Patrick's Day which also was my mom's birthday and depending on the moon sometimes we celebrate Easter. Really this month is a constant reminder of my mom and while that can be very sad at the same time it allows me to look back at all of the happiness and love that she gave me.

March really was the perfect month for her to be born. Spring was probably her favorite time of year, because that meant that she could start planting and preparing her flowers. Being born on St. Patrick's Day was also wonderful, because her favorite color was green and man would she come after you if you weren't wearing it that day. March is also the unofficial
Kidney Cancer Awareness month (sadly only a few states have adopted this and mine is not one of them). Once upon a time Kidney Cancer support was shown with a green ribbon (it has now been changed to orange, but I still wear my green bracelet). So as you can see, there is a lot about March that means something to me.

Which means...

I'm using this month as a tribute to my mom. What does that mean exactly you ask? Well let me tell you. I would like to introduce my list of things to expect, though I will throw in some other things (man do I love lists). In no apparent order you can expect...

  1. All things aquamarine (March birthstone)
  2. Decor for St. Patrick's Day
  3. Green things that I love (sorry folks not the environmental movement)
  4. Kidney Cancer Awareness
  5. Reviews of green beauty items
  6. A giveaway with all of my favorite green items
  7. Daisies and daisy related things
Daisies you ask? I made no comment about them you say. Well of course I have to talk about daisies. They were my mom's all time favorite flower and they very much remind me of her. I don't think I could do this month long tribute to her without talking about them. In fact, in case you haven't noticed, my blog's name has daisies in it and is very much a tribute to her. While you can add on anything to the end of "The thing about daisies..." like that they are happy, pretty, or perfect...the thing about daisies for me is that they remind me of my mom.

Memorial flowers for my mom at our wedding.

I hope you'll enjoy March as much as I do. I look forward to sharing all of the things that make March such a wonderful month!


  1. I am really looking forward to hearing more about your mom. I am so sorry you don't have her around physically anymore, but I know she must be with you every day :)

  2. What a touching post. I too am looking forward to hearing more about your mom and all the things that remind you of her.