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A rather boring title I know, but the wonderfully beautiful Andi over at Saltwater Dreams got me thinking about green eyeshadow and trends., don't walk, over to her wonderful blog! I can't get enough of her OOTDs and makeup tutorials.

First on trends. Man, I just do not follow them the way I should, especially with my love of all things fashion and beauty as well as the fact that I worked in clothing retail. Recently I have been more immersed in what the ongoing trends are because of some wonderful blogs I read. It's always interesting to see what is going to be a popular look or color, because so often I find that it's something I already have or have been doing for years.

So you could have colored me surprised when I read Andi's post about colors for eyeshadow. If you looked at my very large collection of eyeshadow you'd notice a wide range of colors. My collection has away been that way.

Today I rummaged through all of my eyeshadow and pulled out the greens that I own. Suffice to say, I own a lot. I blame point to my mother for this love of green. While I was smitten with all things silver, green was sneaking its way into my life. This isn't a bad thing by any means, especially ever since my discovery of auburn hair.

I wanted to show you all that green is a easy and friendly way to add color into your makeup, while also still being a fun bright color as well. While this isn't a makeup tutorial, I did do color swatches of the main go-to greens for me. I'll probably do a "how I wear mine" tomorrow.

First up are the four shadows I use the most for my green eye looks...

In this line up (L-R): MAC in "Swimming"/MAC in "Sumptuous Olive"/Calvin Klein in "Darkened Green"/MAC in Greensmoke"

Here they are swatched on my arm. You'll notice that I swatched each color twice, the lighter one (on on the left of the two samples) is the eyeshadow applied dry and the darker/foiled one (on the right) is it mixed with mix drops (you could use water). This is what I did for all of the swatches in all of the eyeshadow pictures.

Taken in natural light. L-R: Swimming-sea green/Sumptuous Olive-khaki green/Darkened Green-olive green with brown tones/Greensmoke-tarnished olive

Next up are the shadows I use a little less frequently.

L-R: Urban Decay in "Homegrown"/Bare Escentuals in "Tortoise"/Bare Escentuals in "Black Emerald"/Smashbox in "Green Room"/Sephora in "Chrome #03"

In natural light. L-R: Homegrown-bright grass green with gold/Tortoise-dark brown with a greenish gold shimmer/Black Emerald- black with emerald shimmer/Green Room-dark Kelly green with shimmer/Chrome #03-brown green

The next are ones that I didn't swatch because I'm bad and don't use them as much as I should.

L-R: Milani in "Shamrock" (a leaf green)/Sephora in "Fame and Fortune" (light green with silver glitter)/Sephora in "Python Bag" (deep olive green with silver glitter)/Heavenly Natural Beauty in "Inked" (deep emerald shimmer)/Heavenly Natural Beauty in "Forgiven" (jungle green with dark green shimmer)/Heavenly Natural Beauty in "Sea Dragon" (jade/teal green shimmer)/Bare Escentuals in "Magnetize (light yellow/green shimmer)/Bare Escentuals in "Mermaid" (grey/green)/Shiseido in "Clover Dew" (light mint green)

So there are all of my shadows and for an added bonus to you all here are my eyeliners and one mascara...

L-R: MAC in "Mystery" (black with teal)/MAC in "Tarnish" (blackened forest green)/MAC in "Minted" (bright mint green)/Hard Candy in "Hyper" (khaki green/brown with gold glitter)/Hard Candy in "Girlie" (khaki green)/Sephora in "Silver Green" (greenish silver)/The Body Shop in "03" (glittery emerald green)/CoverGirl Lash Blast Luxe mascara in "black emerald" (black with green shimmer)

So there you have all of my green makeup.

If there is a color you'd like to see that I didn't swatch let me know. Also, if there is a color you'd like to see on the eye I can do that as well. Have you added green to your collection yet? Is there a green that you love?

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  1. oh my gosh! your shadow collection is amazing!! I love these swatches! I will definitely be referencing this post in the future when I want some more green! Beautiful!
    PS-I am also going to add a link to this on my green entry now.
    Have a great weekend!!