Colorado (day 2)

2/22/2010 09:15:00 PM Ashley 4 Comments

After driving through the beginning of the snow storm that hit most of Colorado, we buckled down in our wonderful room at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort. This morning we were up early to get Nate to an engagement at the Air Force Academy. It was beautiful outside, with white fluffy snow covering everything (it was perfect for snowballs). The sun was trying to peak through the clouds, which lit up the mountains. *Sigh* How I miss this place.

View from our room's patio.

Cheyenne Mountain (part of the Front Range) peaking out from the clouds and snow.

Cover that leads to the lobby.

We didn't get to stay at the resort very long, but I can say that it's nice and has a lot to offer. I would have liked to stay longer, but we needed to get Nate up to the Academy. Roads were wet, icy and snow packed, but I can still drive like a pro which is great! I was worried that after three years of being away from it that I'd have issues. As always the Academy was beautiful. It always is when it is covered in a blanket of snow. It doesn't hurt that this Military Academy is tucked right up against the Rocky Mountains.

The Cadet Chapel, which is probably one of the most breathtaking pieces of architecture I've seen.

Beautiful snow covered trees overlooking the Academy.

Chapel and the Cadet area (dorms, classrooms, library and dining facility).

After Nate's engagement, we traveled north and checked into the Omni Hotel. Sadly there was no bag full of om noms for Emmett (not that we didn't bring treats).

Emmett may not have gotten more treats, but he does approve of the bed!

He also does not approve of being forced to potty, so instead he wrapped himself around a poll to show his disapproval.

We are located far too close to an amazing mall (FlatIron Crossing) and across the way is a Nordstrom Rack.


Seriously I miss this state.

Anyway, we ran over the the Rack while we were out for dinner. I didn't find find many "must haves", but I did find a pair of boots. I can't say that I have been in the market for rain boots, but after tromping through the slushy melting mess, I suddenly realized that they will be perfect for while we're here and maybe if we get a monsoon back home.

I really liked the mixed textures of this rain boot from Cole Haan. The upper part is a canvas and it has a buckle that is held down with a patent leather.

I ended up snagging these for $30 (down from $145 originally)!

All in all today was a great day. I'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of our time here!

Did you find any goodies this weekend? Do you own rain boots or want rain boots? If so, what are you looking for exactly?


  1. Those boots are awesome--perfect for the cold weather and may even look cute with a sundress and jean jacket in the Spring, love them! Did either of you go to the USAFA? My dad is an alumni, one of the most gorgeous campuses ever.

  2. Andi: I'm going to have to play around with your ideas about the boots. I honestly wasn't fully in the market for them, I was just thinking about them ($30 for a great brand instead of $20 of a random brand is awesome).

    My husband is a USAFA alumni (I am a Colorado Springs native)! That's amazing and very cool that your dad is an alumni as well! He probably has great stories. My husband is up here interviewing with them in hopes of getting to teach there.

  3. Colorado Springs is gorgeous! And so is the USAFA, hope he gets the job :)