Beauty and Review: OPI's "Alice in Wonderland" nail polish review

2/09/2010 05:20:00 PM Ashley 9 Comments

And I am post happy! Please forgive the post craziness, but this is what happens when I am waiting for a project to dry before moving onto the next step and I have new things to play with!

If only you could see me hand is painted in "Absolutely Alice" and the other in "Mad as a Hatter". Not going to lie, I'm a little mesmerized by my nails as I am typing this. Simple pleasures.

Seeing as both of the colors I got are glitter with a clear base, I decided to go a little different route with how I show the look. This time I wanted to show coverage based on coats and what they look like over another nail polish.

If you have ever messed with glitter nail polish, then you know how unfriendly applying it can be. I've found that a clear base coat helps with application (if you're doing solid glitter). Of course I did not do that here...because I am a glutton for punishment.

Now for the polishes...

"Absolutely Alice"
Without flash

With Flash

From L-R starting with thumb: Absolutely Alice (one coat) with yellow underneath (two coats), one coat, two coats, three coats and top coat, Absolutely Alice with a turquoise.

The color is a great bright blue (I would almost call it an electric blue) with gold intermixed. Think Alice's dress and hair color mixed into a nail polish.

The colors that were used.

Colors from L-R: OPI's "Absolutely Alice", Sally Hansen's HD "Pixel Pretty", Sally Hansen's HD "Lite".

"Mad as a Hatter"
Without flash

With flash

From L-R starting with thumb: Mad as a Hatter (one coat) with dark purple (two coats), one coat, two coats, three coats and a top coat, Mad as a Hatter with black.

Really this is the perfect color for the Mad Hatter. It's a mix of rainbow glitter that tends to look gray/black with magenta green and sliver showing through (at least that's what I saw the most). If you use it over a color, the matching glitter seems to show through more.

Colors that were used.

Colors from L-R: OPI's "Mad as a Hatter", OPI's "Lincoln Park After Dark", Zoya's "Raven".

Honestly, I am in love with these colors. There's so many ways to wear them if you layer them over colors. If you're not a glitter lover, then stay away. They apply like a glitter. Your first coat is always awful and you are thinking that it's never going to work, but then coat two goes on and everything starts looking better. Three coats is definitely the optimal amount of coats for perfect coverage, but you could get away with two generous coats. I like to apply a clear coat before glitter, because it seems to smooth the glitter out (to touch it feels smoother than if applied without a clear coat). Both polishes also dried quickly for me, even when placed over another color.

Like I said earlier, if you love these as much as I do then snap them up cause they are going fast. Most places won't get replenished.

What do you think about the two colors? Are you wanting to try them? If so, what color do you have your eye on?


  1. I love how you layered them with different colors, I never would have thought to do that! Super cool.

  2. I am seriously loving Mad as a Hatter!

  3. I think it's cool you layered them! I don't see myself trying glitter polishes because I can't imagine wearing them to work (we have a lot of really corporate clients who I imagine wouldn't be pleased)

  4. Andi: I really am loving the way layering the colors brings out different flecks of color in the glitter.

    Laddie: Seriously, in person it's awesome!

    Veronika: I totally understand the need to look professional with everything you wear. Honestly I am very excited for these colors to be used for the summer on my toes (with them peaking out of a great pair of peep-toe heels or sandals...of course).

  5. Oh my- Mad as hater is getting purchased by me. Love how you paired it off with a dark coat underneath (I would've done the same).

  6. *Mad as a hatter.

    Guess I was too excited to write the name correctly.

  7. Anon: Mad as a Hatter (it's an exciting color!) is really wonderful on top of another color. The more I look at my hands the more I love it on top of "Lincoln Park After Dark".

  8. I love the Mad as a Hatter with the purple underneath, super cute...

  9. Definitely with "Lincoln Park After Dark" under it. One of my co-workers is wearing it this way and it's beautiful!