DIY and Crafts: Starting my DIY earring holder

2/10/2010 04:17:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

Before I get into the post I just want to remind you all that a winner was chosen for the nail giveaway! Go check to see if you're the winner, that way I can get your goodies sent to you!

I'm very excited because I finally found the frame I am going to use for my earring holder! While I like the look of the ones from Pottery Barn, I'm not a totally in love with them.

{Image from Pottery Barn}

I don't really need holders for my necklaces because I already have a few different things to store them. Then there's the OCD part of me that hates the idea of hanging my earrings on a wire. My first thought is how easily they will move around and that makes my eye twitch a bit.

Then I ran into the perfect alternative for me over at Centsational Girl (if you haven't checked out her blog, you need to! It's a decorating day dream over there). It's perfect for me, because the wire mesh makes sure that my earrings don't move!

After much searching for the perfect frame, I found mine at Hobby Lobby in the open frame section. Right now they are running a 50% off open frames promotion. I'm not sure how much longer it's going on, but I was able to get my frame for $15 after the discount!

Emmett always has to check everything out.

My frame, wire mesh and two colors of spray paint (Emmett would like it if I didn't rest things on "his" Lovesac).

I got two colors of spray paint so I could layer them and then sand the top color to let a little of the bottom color show through. I'm in love with gray and yellow and and desperately trying to find bedding in those colors. For now, I will paint the display in the color combination.

Close up of design. You may notice the blue coloring on the frame...yeah that's what happens when you carry the frame around the whole entire store while it rubs up against your dark wash jeans. Oops.

Right now the frame is in the process of drying. As soon as I can move on to the next steps I will get a DIY posted.

Are you thinking about making something like this? What color would you do it in?

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  1. Awesome! Can't wait to see the next steps.