Random updates

2/15/2010 01:06:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

I know I didn't do a Monday shoes today. Mostly I forgot and then the other part wondered how exciting it really is to see random shoes that I own. I don't seem to get a lot of draw from it, so I think for now Monday shoes will be put to rest. If I have enough interest, I will bring it back I promise.

I want to do one more reminder about the nail polish giveaway I did and that I picked the winner randomly almost a week ago. I still haven't heard from the winner and I want to make sure that I post this one more time to give the winner a chance to see this. I'm thinking that if I don't hear from the winner by tomorrow (Tuesday) I will draw a new name. I really want someone to have this, because I am truly excited about the stuff that was a part of this giveaway.

Again...without further ado the winner was...

Screen shot 2010-02-09 at 10.33.34 AM

...comment #7 which makes Veronika the winner of the nail giveaway! Please email me at Thethingaboutdaisies [at] gmail [dot] com so that I can get your goodies mailed to you.

One last random thing before I go. Last night Nate found out that Papa John's (a pizza place) was doing poorly heart shaped pizzas for Valentine's Day and we just had to order it. No, we didn't have a change of heart about the holiday, instead we wanted to see if it was really true that the pizza came shaped in an awkward round shape with a dent in the top.

This is what we received. A sad looking quasi heart.

I will say that ours had an attempt of a point at the bottom, where as others did not. Though honestly it look like it took a hit before going into the oven. As in, unless I knew that we were getting a heart shaped pizza, I probably would have thought someone smacked it into something and hoped that we wouldn't notice. At least it still tasted good!

So what are you thinking...let Monday shoes fall to the side? That the heart shaped pizza makes you feel a little awkward? Let me know by commenting below!


  1. so excited! i've like never won anything! yay!

  2. You have an awful lot of shy readers! I myself enjoy Monday shoes, and my goodness- I hope no one planned to surprise anyone with a heart shaped pizza!!