Nail polish fix

2/24/2010 02:53:00 PM Ashley 3 Comments

Yet another reason why I love being back here would be the store Beauty Brands. They sell mostly high end (salon) hair products as well as nail polish. I've found that they carry the largest selection of OPI that I have ever found, and they are very well stocked. They also have the full line of China Glaze and Essie.

I went because I forgot to bring a nail polish and I had been debating on getting two of the purples (apparently one is actually pink, but to my eye it has purple in it) and the green from OPI's Hong Kong line (I already got two colors from the line, which I talked about here). The two colors I had been looking at were "Panda-monium Pink" and "Lucky Lucky Lavender". After much debate and an excited review of "Lucky Lucky Lavender" by Veronika over at Veronika's Blushing I decided to purchase it.

It really is a lovely lavender color, but it needs three coats. I found the first coat to be streaky, but after the second coat it smoothed out nicely.

Without flash and natural light in the hotel room. It's a little darker in person.

With flash. Again the polish is not that light in color.

I got fed up with the color not matching up and took the picture in the bathroom with the lights turned off and the flash on. This is the most dead on of what the color looks like in person.

These are the other goodies I got at Beauty Brands.
From L-R: OPI Avoplex cuticle oil to-go, OPI polish remover, OPI "Jade is the New Black", OPI "Lucky Lucky Lavender", Essie "Chinchilly", Essie "Mint Candy Apple" and a free Biolage hair kit.

I had been thinking long and hard about "Jade is the New Black" because I don't have a lot of greens. So I grabbed it, because if I am thinking about it that much, then I know I will use it. I also had been wanting a gray-ish color and liked Essie's "Chinchilly". They also had two bottles left of "Mint Candy Apple", which many of you know was Essie's popular holiday color. I had been looking for it back home and pretty much no one had it, so I was shocked to see that Beauty Brands had two left so long after the holidays (I had to talk myself out of buying the second one). The OPI Avoplex was a free gift for spending so much on OPI products. I do love cuticle items, so I'll be excited to see how well it works.

When I get home I plan on trying out the other three colors from OPI's Hong Kong line and of course I will post them for you all. Nate's finishing up a few things and then we are heading out to a "real" HomeGoods, as in it is its own store! I'm trying not to be too giddy. I'll blog about the findings later!

Have you tried any of the new colors from OPI's Hong Kong line? Have you ever tried OPI's nail polish remover? If so, did you like it?


  1. Love the Lucky, Lucky Lavender! I was pretty well sold after Veronika's review too, and I'm excited to see yours. I'm just waiting for mine to show up on my door step :) I also saw that Jade is the New Black when I was at the store last, liked it but wasn't sure when I'd wear it. I'm looking forward to your review.

  2. so glad you got it :) I have to use 3 coats too :)

  3. Cassie: I was so torn on the Jade from the moment I saw it, so I am really hoping that it's something special...even if it just ends up as a polish I use on my toes.

    Veronika: I'm really glad you talked about it, I don't think I would have gotten it if you hadn't!