Fleece rosette wreath

2/16/2010 03:11:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

If you're big into DIY and follow a lot of craft blogs then you have no doubt seen the Ruffly Felt Rosette Wreath made by Kristen over at Domestifluff. I have seen it linked around on a lot of blogs as well as seeing the outcome of some bloggers try at making this very pretty wreath. I of course had to have a go at it as well.

This won't be so much of a how to, because you can find all of the wonderful instructions over at Domestifluff. Mostly this will just be about how I did it. Though I will tell you that there are a lot of circles to be cut and this great little "cheat" which maya*made came up with is brilliant!

I went about this wreath a little differently, instead of felt I used fleece. I did this mostly because I dislike the feeling of most felts and knowing that I had a lot of cutting ahead I knew that I was probably going to go crazy. Luckily I had a bunch of fleece ready to go, because I like buying up the scrap fabric (I do this because you can get the fabric at a discount off the normal price). I will say that you will probably use more fleece (if you go the fleece route), because it's not as stiff as felt it. Also, I wanted to try out mixing colors. All of the wreaths I have seen are solid colors. With the colors I had I realized I could do a wreath with Easter colors.

I had almost all of the fabric already, I just picked up three more colors to complete the look.

My "weapon" of choice for perfect circles was a can of fruit (exactly 3 inches across) and a silver stamp pad.

My first perfect circle. It also helped that Nate offered to help stamp!

The circles piling up. I probably used around 180+ circles for a 10 inch wreath.

Filling in the wreath. I will say that using multiple colors makes this simple wreath a little harder. I say that, because I had to be mindful of where I was placing colors.

My completed wreath. I love how soft it is because of all of the fleece! It does look like it could live in a babies room, but I'm sticking with it being for Easter.

Close up of the fleece.

I really like the overall look, so much so that I got Kelly green fleece to make a St. Patties day wreath! I am going to keep looking for better quality felt, because I do want to try making one the way that it is shown. This really is a great craft to do if you want to just sit and vedge. Nate and I popped in a movie while we stamped, cut and pinned away.

What do you think? Would this be something you might try to make?

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