Beauty: Eye look of the night

2/05/2010 10:45:00 PM Ashley 11 Comments

Nate and I decided to go out to our favorite place for sushi tonight. Edemame and the super crunch roll were calling our names (the tempura ice cream was also calling my name...hey I can pretend like it was healthy).

I decided to take this opportunity to do my do my eye makeup (funny how I don't wear eye makeup when I am cleaning and crafting, maybe I should so that I can always feel glamorous).

So without further-or-do here is my eye makeup look for the night...

Please try to ignore the stray hairs, I did a crappy pluck job before I left the house. Maybe I should just pluck my brows with help of the zoom on my camera. Man that is bad. Damn camera sees all.

Here's what I used...

IMG_0978 counted right...that's five mascaras that you are seeing right there. I'll get to that in a moment. I always start my eye makeup out with a eyelid primer. I have to use one, or else my makeup slowly slides off to under my eyes. So hot. I have two different eye primers I use. One is from Origins and the other is from Urban Decay (I used UD for this look). I then always cover the primer (because it hardly ever matches my skin tone) with a MAC eyeshadow in Vanilla.

After that is all set, I play with colors. Tonight I went with browns (mostly browns with gray tones to them). I don't have the names of them, because they are a part of my large Sephora pallet. I would say that they have a minky color to them. I layer the colors on starting with the lighter shade and then moving onto the darker. I also did some blending with a lighter nude color. I then added a glittery brown eyeliner from Victoria's Secret (apparently they call it bronze). I also added some of the darker brown and a gold to the bottom lashes as well as some of the gold to the inner part of my eye. now for the reason you see 5 mascaras. I have quite a few, some of them are ones I love, others are ones I got to try out and the rest were free or attached to another product. While I love CoverGirl's Lash Blast (and the Last Blast Luxe for shimmer) for it's thickening effect, I like to layer it with Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express. I sometimes will also start out with CoverGirl's Volume Exact, because it separates my lashes so well. I'll usually start with a coat of Volume Exact and build from there. I've also been playing around with MAC's Zoom Lash mascara because it came with one of the Christmas kits that I bought. I'm liking how lock it makes my lashes as well as the fact that it separates them. Last, but not least would be the Smashbox's mascara because it is wonderful on my bottom lashes. It leave them so soft and doesn't overpower them at all.

So there is my crazy eye makeup routine.

What do you think? What colors do you wear the most on your eyes? What are your favorite mascaras (not that I need anymore)?


  1. The eyeliner is such a cool look! I honestly have never thought to wear 5 mascaras before, I can't even stand doing two coats of one! haha :)
    Oooh, I love crunchy sushi and tempura ice cream, fab!!!

  2. Lucie: The VS eyeliner is actually pretty great. The glitter in it actually stays in place the whole time.

    Andi: I feel slightly crazy because of the whole 5 mascara thing. Usually I only use 3, maybe 4 if I do my lower lashes. I've been mixing and matching mascaras for as long as I can remember. I do one coat of each, because each one does something that the other one doesn't. Even saying still sounds crazy!

  3. i love the eyeliner- bronze is such a cool look! I think the mascara is a little too clumpy for my tastes. I like to have no signs of visible clumps in my lashes. I suppose it could be because you used so many different formulas. I mix mascaras too, but I only ever mix two of them, with one coat of each. I might have to try bronze liner!

  4. Veronika: I agree that by the end of the night my mascara was clumpier then I would have liked it to be. Now i just know that it's not a great idea for the next time.

  5. I hope my comment didn't come off as mean! I didn't realize you had taken the pics at the end of the night, it happens. There are a few YouTube makeup gurus who also seem to apply a lot of coats of mascara and on most people it can make lashes look a bit clumped/spidery whereas i prefer a more thick and feathered look. A lot of people like the really heavy lash look though, so to each their own :)

    I am tempted to try to mix 3 mascaras now lol! I think I'm too afraid that using too many coats will weigh them down and that it would make my lashes lose their curl I work so hard for!

  6. Veronika: No offense taken. I like to play around with my makeup to see what happens. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    I do tend to like a fuller look on my lashes, but that's mostly because when I smile my eyes disappear so I want something that helps keep my eyes from getting lost (which may also be a cause to as why my lashes get a little clumpy by the end of the night).

  7. I really love the color of that liner. I'm gonna have to find it and try it out!

    I enjoy the Urban Decay shadows the most. I purchased one of their holiday color palettes and I just LOVE the new shade, "Half Baked". I tend to use that on my lids and then a dark champagne color in the crease area. I don't line my eyes all the way, just the corners (I'm weird) and then I use Benefit BadGal mascara or Fresh Firebird Mascara.

    I agree with Veronika about the lashes looking very clumpy, but you were experimenting and that happens.

  8. Anon: I really love Urban Decay shadows too, but it's a company I don't own a lot of stuff from. I may have to check out "Half Baked". I wish I could do more with my crease, but I have one that disappears unless my eyes are closed.

  9. I don't own much UD either just two eye shadow palettes that I like to play around with. (Vol 11 and Urban Ammo). I wouldn't mind the Alice in Wonderland special edition but it's currently sold out.

    The Half Baked is very similar to the liner you used. I love it and I share the same problem you do where I tend to lose my crease (sometimes people think I have a little Asian in me because of it) so I have to "create" a crease by using darker colored shadow towards the outer corners of my lids.

  10. Oh I love that eyeliner...I need to go get some, and since we don't go out much I will be wearing it around the house :)