Puppy-tines Day

2/14/2010 10:42:00 AM Ashley 4 Comments

We're not big on Valentine's Day in this house hold. I'm not thrilled with the idea of showing your loves ones how much you love them one day a year. I also don't need flowers or candy to be thrust at me as a symbol of love. I tell Nate that I love him every day and we do small things to show it whenever we please.

Instead, this year we have decided to celebrate Puppy-tines Day (yeah so what if we made the name up)! Where we will spoil the ever living crap our of our Cocker Spaniel, Emmett. Trust us, he's plenty good at being spoiled all the time, just look around our stuffing and toy covered house.

So today we will spoil him with things that make him happy (or at least we think it makes him happy seeing as we haven't found a way to actually make him speak to us).

Like cuddling in bed, maybe with some belly rubs thrown in.

Or lazing around in his Lovesac, while watching the on goings in our house and outside.

Perhaps he will get to play with his bubbles. Nothing is quite as fun as making them pop!

Of course there will be a new toy or ball to rip the stuffing out of or fuzz off of, because a house just isn't a house without fuzzy stuffing everywhere.

Having the wind blow through his ears, as long as it's not going faster that 40mph.

Being a grrr monster and play attacking at any moment!

But absolutely positively NO swimming!

Though treats always make up for the hard life he lives. Especially the home made ones from the dog bakery.

We hope everyone has a great day, no matter how you choose to celebrate it (or not celebrate it)!


  1. Happy Puppy-tines day to you then ;-). You are welcome for the love! I love a good DIY and that was fantastic.

  2. Can I steal Emmett? Pleeeeeeae? He's too darn cute.

  3. I love your Cocker Spaniel-very cute! I have pictures of mine on my blog. His name is Dante.

  4. IC: Again, thank you!

    Laddie: You already know Nate's answer, you have to come here to get Emmett.

    Kristin: I just went over to your blog and saw Dante, he is stinking adorable!