TRIA (session #4)

2/19/2010 10:31:00 AM Ashley 2 Comments

To everyone who is waiting on my TRIA update...I suck! Yesterday was when I was supposed to do my fourth treatment and I totally forgot with all of the running around I was doing. Lame, I know.

Today I charged up my TRIA and set off to treating my legs. Of course I had to shave before I got started, but before that I sat and looked at my legs. While it may not sound too exciting, it was for me. As it was stated both on their site and their booklet, after the third treatment I should start seeing something. Well...I'm seeing something! My legs look like I attacked it with a razor, but only in certain spots. While I still don't feel like WOW it's happening, I can tell that the hair is different and not growing in some spots. As far as I can tell right now it is working for me.

I'll keep plugging along with this treatment. I get the feeling that treatment four or five is when I am really going to start seeing the hair fall out. Though the idea of hair falling out is a little creepy to me. I'm still debating on posting more leg pictures to show the progress, because apparently people find it creepy. God forbid I should want to show if a product is actually working.

I will be back in two weeks (gah I know its too long to wait) with what happened after this treatment while moving onto treatment five.

If you're still iffy about the price, but really want to try the TRIA then go here to enter for a chance to win one (it also comes with a bunch of other great products)!

What are your thoughts on this whole process? Are you interested in getting one?


  1. I DO want to see pictures! Best way to see it working, right?

  2. Not creepy at all. In fact I think you are brave and pretty great for sharing your journey. I mean we all have hair. We need more strong and confident women like you!