A lucky find and other things

2/24/2010 10:43:00 PM Ashley 4 Comments

After my trip to Beauty Brands, Nate and I hung out a bit at the hotel. He needed to get some work done and I, of course, blogged about my new nail polishes. After some hard work from Nate we ran off to the very large HomeGoods and TJ MAxx that we passed on our way to the hotel. Now to side track real quick, before we headed out Nate decided he needed to harass the dog. Now he will swear that this is not harassment, but Emmett was peacefully sleeping on the bed and Nate decided he'd be happier if he was tucked under the blankets.

I guess he didn't mind Nate messing with him seeing as he kept sleeping.

Such a hard life he leads, let me tell you.

For whatever reason I am very very enthralled with lamps right now. It didn't help that when I walked into this HomeGoods I was greeted by their lamp section. Even though I didn't buy any (I really wanted one of them), these are some of best ones I found...

I really love the shape of the arm that holds the lamp shade. It also doesn't hurt that the shade is green. I worry that I am always going to be pulled back to doing every room in some shade of green.

I was drawn to the lamps that had arms that held out the shade I guess. I think I also just liked the grouping of three.

This one was hard not to bring home. If I did our bedroom in black, white and green this would be where I started (I may have also had to talk myself out of getting them for use in our guest room).

Probably the greatest thing about this trip was the unexpected items I found in the bath section. Just the day before I was over at The Great Indoors looking at bedding (for our room) and a shower curtain (for our guest bathroom). I had snapped a few pictures so I could show Nate some of the things I liked, one of them being a shower curtain made by Vera (yes that wonderful designer from the 70's).

I really liked the bright colors, but wasn't sure about the $35+ price tag that it carried.

As I walked around in the bath section I stopped in my tracks when I saw that bright yellow and orange pattern. There was all of the matching accessories, but no shower curtain. I tried not to get my hopes up as I looked around. Then I found it. A beautiful deal at $13. I also grabbed the waist basket for $16 (instead of 35+) and the soap dish for $5 (instead of $15).

The shower curtain.

Trash can and soap dish.

Both of the pictures aren't showing the true yellow and olive green that is in the pattern. Once I get them home and up in the bathroom I will definitely take pictures!

I also grabbed two more picture frames to make into earring holders. I hope to add them to my Etsy shop as soon as I get them finished.

This is a gold-ish colored frame.

Close up.

Pretty frame with wonderful roses.

Close up of roses.

After HomeGoods we got the chance to meet up with a very good friend of ours that we haven't seen in awhile. I truly adore him and he has been such a wonderful part of my life. Tonight he was very very kind and generous and gave me a box full of Origins products that he doesn't use (he has a family member that works for Origins). Luckily I use all of these products fairly religiously.

My box full of wonder products.

The full selection of the products I received (some of them had many duplicates).

Today was a wonderful day. I look forward to getting back to the house to get these things put to use!

Is there something (home goods wise) that you are addicted to looking at right now? Do you use Origins products? If so, what are your favorite things from them?


  1. I love that bathroom decor! Beautiful colors and patterns.

  2. Ok, thanks for reminding me that I need to go to Homegoods/TJ Maxx asap!! Emmett is adorable.

  3. Those lamps are absolutely gorgeous, especially the last one! What great finds- that is going to be one fabulous bathroom!

  4. Candice: I am having a hard time not snatching up last lamp pictured!

    I'll be really excited to get the bathroom put all together. Now I'm just on the hunt for the perfect rug to go with.