Beauty: Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure

2/02/2010 12:24:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

Seeing as I am doing a nail giveaway (seriously go enter if you haven't already), I figured I'd stick with the theme and do a review on a nail polish I just recently picked up.

Sally Hansen just recently released a new line (a kind of relaunch on the old Salon line) called Complete Salon Manicure. You can find this line at any of your local drugstores and with a current range of 42 colors you're bound to find a color you like. The price is sitting very close to what it would cost to pick up your favorite OPI color ($7.50-$8), which makes it a little less desirable for some.

The color I grabbed is called Black Platinum. I'd call it a very dark gray shimmer with a slight blue tinge to it (dark slate gray). The shimmer has a silver coloring to it as well. Applying the polish can be a little tricky because of the brush head. If you're not a fan of the flat brush with tapered head, then stay away from this line. I dealt with the brush, but it was a bit of an issue when I hit my pinkie nails. The color went on easily and smoothly. I was able to get full coverage with two coats and it dried fairly quickly. It lasted two weeks on my toenails without any problems (I tend to only wear polish on my toenails).

Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure brush (front)
Here is the front (or top) of the brush. I have been reading that not all of the brushes are being cut the same way (lack of quality control). I can't vouch for that right now, but if I do buy another color, it's something I will keep an eye out for.

Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure brush (side)
Side of the brush. Also here you may notice the rubber grip that is at the base of the handle. I'm guessing it's there to help you hold onto the lid better. I do like the idea and that I don't have to worry about as much slippage as you might with the slick surface of the lid.

Onto the actual color...

Without flash.

With flash.

I was bad and forgot to take a picture in natural light, which means I was never able to catch the blue tint that this color can pick up. I swear it is there!

Overall I like the line, but for the price I would rather grab an OPI shade. Though if you live in an area where OPI is not readily available (hey I like to see the colors in person before I buy them!), then I'd say that this is a good polish to try.

Have you tired a color from this line? What did you think? Would you be willing to spend the $8 on it?