Recycling flowers

2/18/2010 11:50:00 AM Ashley 3 Comments

Fresh flowers in the house has always been something I was use to. My mom always tried to have flowers in the house; be it fresh flowers, flowering plants or a hand cut bouquet of whatever was flowering in the garden. I've always loved how flowers make a house feel warm and welcoming. I know that fresh flowers aren't an option for a lot of people right now, but I wanted to share my way of stretching fresh flowers out as long as possible.

Nate just recently sent me a gorgeous bouquet of roses (apparently if you order flowers without saying what you want around Valentine's Day the flower company will send you red roses).

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If you have never used before, look into them. They send wonderful, very fresh flowers to your door within a day of ordering. They also have a guarantee on their flowers, so if they don't arrive, aren't healthy or die too quickly they will fix it for you.

Anywho, this bouquet arrived with babies breath, which I find can last for quite some time if you give it a little TLC (giving it fresh water and a trim). Today I finally decided that my roses were done and tossed them, but I kept the babies breath. I decided to save mine and place it in a smaller vase for use in our bedroom.



I find that if you play with it you can make tight little bunches or wispy cloud like bunches. I enjoy the simpleness of the flower and that they has a slight vintage feel. Also, babies breath is a inexpensive filler so if you don't have a bouquet with it, you could easily buy a bunch and make a few different arrangements with them.

If you get flowers, do you try to stretch them out for as long as possible? What are your favorite flowers?


  1. IF, and that's a big IF these days, I get flowers I definitely try to make them last forever! Every other day or so I cut the bottoms of the stems at an angle. Making sure to alternate the direction of the angles. This helps them last much longer because it allows them to get more water.

    I think my favorites are Gerbera daisies.

  2. I really like the idea of keeping the babies breath in another vase...very cute! Thanks for the idea!
    By the way, when will we hear more about your experience with the TRIA? :-)

  3. Lacy: I love that you take care of your cut flowers as much as I do. And great choice on the favorite flower, Gerbera and Shasta daisies are my favorite (got figure with the blog name).

    Anon: I totally fell a day behind on my TRIA update, but I just posted about it. Sorry to keep you waiting!