How I know it's spring

4/01/2010 12:13:00 PM Ashley 4 Comments

A friend and fellow blogger just talked about how she knows it's spring where she is. As I sat and tried to stifle my dislike, I realized that we too have a way to tell that it's spring here.

If you know me at all you've probably heard me bitching talking about the wind here. Not just any wind...but gale force winds that knock over trucks (which pushed Nate's 40 minute drive over into the 2 hour range).

What does wind have to do with spring? Living here it has everything to do with it. Now I will say that there are trees blooming and things are turning green. If only we could see it through all of the sand.

Around the beginning of March we'll notice that it's warming up. With fear in our eyes, we acknowledge that spring AKA windy season is upon us. To say that spring is our windy season is being nice.

You start to notice that when you're driving perfectly straight that your steering wheel is pulled to the left or right (depending on your direction). You put the "recycle" air on in your car so you don't get sand everywhere. You can feel the fine sand all over you and in your mouth. Trucks roll over. You drive through dust storms that rival blizzards.

Then there's what happens to the house.

First a quick back story. When we moved here, no one and I mean no one told us about the windy season. We had no idea what we would be dealing with. We found a house that we liked and never gave a second thought to the fact that there was a housing development behind us and that there was only sand there.

Flash forward to now. Our back yard is filled with old leaves and tumbleweeds.

There is sand and a fine film of bleh all over the house.

The window in our bathroom covered in fine sand that works its way in.

I just cleaned this up a week ago and it's all back. These are fairly new windows as well.

If a back yard of leaves and tumbleweeds aren't bad enough...we're greeted by the same thing at our front door.

The Sonic bag is no doubt a gift from someone's trashcan the blew over.

Speaking of trashcans...this is the second week that I have had to go chase our trashcan down.

Our trashcan, but definitely not our house. You can see all of the other trashcans knocked over. Surprisingly though, this time our can did not blow as far as it did last week!

So we know it's spring because we are up to our ears in dust and sand. It's never ending dusting and vacuuming season here!

How do you know it's spring where you are?


  1. That is crazy! Is it the Santa Ana winds you get there? Love your area--no grass, but rocks for yards! LOL.

  2. I had no idea winds were consistently that bad!

    How do I know it is Spring? Because all of the women start commuting in flip flops :-)

  3. Andi: To be honest I have no idea what the winds are called. I'll have to look that up! Xeriscaping here is really really popular as you can see!

    Deconstruction: Honestly the wind is usually a spring thing, lasting for about three months. It's totally random. There could be days with no wind and then bam a week of non stop gusts.

    Flip flops are a good warm weather gauge!