Another award! Squeeeee!

4/15/2010 11:18:00 AM Ashley 6 Comments

I just received two...yes two blogger awards in one day! Can we talk about excitement!? I've got the warm and fuzzies knowing that people read and enjoy this blog. Seeing as I received two...I want to split them into two different posts.

One of the awards that I received is The Beautiful Blogger Award from the lovely Lindsay over at Canadian Girl on a Budget.

The rules for this one is:

1. List 7 things about me
2. Give this award to 7 people
3. Let them know!

First my seven random facts...

1. I use to figure skate. I wasn't the best at jumps but damn did I love to spin and spin and spin. It also didn't hurt that I loved wearing those shiny little outfits. Because of my skating I got to meet and skate with some of the most amazing professionals of the time. I adored skating in the ice shows, but my heart just wasn't fully into the competition side of skating. So, when they tore down the Broadmoor Ice Arena, I hung up my skates (except for the occasional open skate).

2. I have no middle name. My mom said that I was stuck with a last name and that they chose my first name, so the least they could do is let me pick a middle name if I wanted one. I've never found a name that I have loved so much that I wanted to use it as a middle name. Plus after changing my last name I do not want to go through that hassle ever again!

3. I have a stuffed puppy, who I named "puppy", that I sleep with (don't judge). He was a gift from my mom when I was younger. She gave him to me because I was going through a rough time in school with other girls harassing and making fun of me. Puppy is probably one of the most treasured thing I own.

4. I've never finished college and I don't really have a desire to. I never liked school. I was decent at it, but once I got to college I found nothing that excited me. Everyone had some idea of what they wanted to do, yet to this day I still haven't the slightest clue what I want to be. I also got tired of paying a butt load of money to schools that treated me like a number. If I really wanted to learn something I can read the book myself.

5. I'm a Colorado native through and through. I love it there. I love the mountains and the crisp air. I love watching the sun set behind the mountains and the way the sun makes freshly fallen snow shimmer. Yet recently I have been finding myself thinking about what it would be like to live in Oregon or Washington. Part of me likes the idea of ocean being near by, as I have never lived near one.

6. Sometimes I wonder how I ever got paid to help/tell people how to dress. Maybe that's because I currently have no idea what to do with this new, unwanted, body shape. I feel like after three years that I might not remember how to dress myself if I ever get back to a good size for me.

7. I have a very solid collection of nice vases and home goods that I saved from being tossed from stores visual displays. You'd be amazed at the things they are told to toss. Good things...nice, usable things. One time I found a dumpster full of mannequins. If you know anything about them, you know they are not cheap! So I took a bunch and put them in my trunk...which made me forget about them. That is until I was driving onto base and got stopped for a vehicle check. Lets just say the gate guard thought I was extra special for driving around half form mannequins. .

And now for the blogs I pass this award onto...

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  1. Aww the bit about Puppy reminded me that my grandparents used to have a cat named Cat :)

    I like your mom's take on the middle name thing, it's nice that she wanted to give you some freedom. Personally, I'm happy that middle names aren't really common in my country, though.

  2. I use my middle name exclusively, so it's weird for me to hear you don't have one!

    Thanks for the award! It might be a bit before I find the time to get the post up with all the crazy, but I will eventually!

  3. I used to figure skate too! And I was the same as you, not so good with the jumps but man did I ever love to spin in my pretty outfits! :)

  4. I'm a Coloradoan myself! Thanks for the award!! I'm flattered!


  5. Aww thank you so much!! :)

    I have a blanket I still sleep with that was given to my mom at my baby shower. I know it's probably considered strange but I seriously don't sleep as well without it somewhere in the bed with me.

  6. I can totally relate to the dumpster diving. Heavy trash day is my favorite day! Haha! Thanks for the award. I have a no computer on the weekends policy on the weekends. I'll start drafting today and get her up next week. Thanks!