For shame Banana Republic

4/28/2010 02:35:00 PM Ashley 4 Comments

For shame!

I'm highly disappointed in how you ship things. Last week or so I bought a pair of earrings online when they were having 40% off of their jewelry. I've been in the market for more studs and loved these pearl earrings, because they look like a real pair I have that I don't wear all the time (for safe keeping).

Waiting at the door today was my package. I honestly was expecting it to be in my mail box, I mean they are studs after all.




Was there really a need for such a large box? One that I might expect to receive if I ordered a shirt or two. And for such a large box...did you think it was okay that the earrings just rattled around freely...protected by nothing more than a lackluster bubble wrap envelope?


Can you not afford padded envelopes? It would make shipping costs less for those that have to pay shipping and it wouldn't be such a waist. I mean come on...they are tiny! FAIL!


At least they are cute on!

And seeing as we're on the topic of you being full of fail...I think you're running out of ideas for your jewelry.

Does it look familiar? No? Well it does to me.

Humor me and follow me to my jewelry drawer.


A few of those look like your earring? Well lets get a closer look...


Oh yeah those would be earrings I bought from you a few years ago. I knew there was a reason I was taking a break from you. You just find ways to keep disappointing me. Remember when you were awesome a few years ago? When you had a good mix of products, it was built well and you really cared about your customer? Can we go back to that? And seriously can someone have an original thought?


  1. Wow that's a crazy big box!! The ear rings are really pretty though! x

  2. Pretty earrings! But yeah, packaging fail.

  3. I like the earrings, but all that packaging is wasteful.

  4. i love br but i agree i dont like the shipping charge. I will go else where if there is a shipping charge or wait until I can squeeze free shipping out of them.
    thats just me :)
    great earrings though..i love all of BR's jewels!