It's the small things

4/16/2010 03:23:00 PM Ashley 7 Comments

Today I didn't not hate my Wii as much as I might have a few days ago. I have lost 3lbs, which makes me happy! I also stayed and worked out on the Wii for 30 minutes, and while I know that may not be the same as 30 minutes at a gym, it's pretty dang good for me!

I did a medium grocery shop this past Wednesday and I am very proud of myself. I went in hungry which we all know is probably the dumbest move ever. Yet I stuck to my guns and pretty much only shopped the outside of the know...where most of the healthy stuff is. Lots of fruit and fresh veggies found their way home and we even tried ground turkey for our tacos. HUGE step for us.

I've also rediscovered granola and how much I like it. Lets just say my body thanks me for the extra fiber and leave it at that.

All and all I am happy with the path that I am on. I think I'm not freaking out because I haven't gone over the top with the changes in my diet. I've added good things, while just taking in less of the bad.

I'm still wanting to go swimming, but Nate and I are going to have to figure out a schedule for that because we can't currently leave Emmett at home alone. None of us are up for unneeded vet visits when we have a bunch of scheduled ones coming up.

I needed this little weight loss to keep me going.

What are things you do to keep yourself driven while losing weight or getting in shape?


  1. Great for you! Three pounds is HUGE!

  2. I have an AWESOME ground turkey taco salad recipe, if you'd like to try it. You could just substitute the salad part for actual tacos if that's your thing.
    Let me know and I'll try to find a link the article I wrote on it; typing it in here would take too long!

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  3. Good job!

    And I love turkey meat tacos. That is one of my favorite at-home meals! We also chop up a tomato, add some shredded lettuce, maybe some sliced avocado and a bit of cheese - delish!

  4. @Funky Mama Bird: I'd love to try your turkey taco salad recipe! If you want to can email it to me at

    @Deconstruction: I was pleasantly surprised at how yummy the turkey was. I may have to try turkey chili next! And you have to have the fresh toppings for the tacos!

  5. In order to keep myself motivated I would buy myself a few new pieces of workout clothing for every ten pounds I lost. I was super excited about it in the beginning, but by the time I got to where I lost 40 lbs, I was so excited about how I looked and felt that I forgot to make a big deal about buying the new workout clothes. I think the reward system works at any age. :)

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Mm I actually really like ground turkey! Hope you do too!! As for staying motivated, it helps once you make it down a size, then you stay motivated since you don't want to go back up a size!