Meet Mii

4/08/2010 01:03:00 PM Ashley 8 Comments

Since I started talking about weight loss you may have noticed me talking about my Mii. Now if you don't have a Nintendo Wii (or played with one) you may think that I am talking crazy talk. If you have interacted with a Wii then you probably already know that a Mii is a character that you can personalize to make look like yourself. You don't always use your Mii for the games...but they do show up on Wii Fit.

This is the only time I hate seeing my Mii. This is because it balloons up or shrinks down to match your size. It's slightly defeating. Especially with the chipper music that is always being played.

Say hello to my Mii...yes that is the Wii Fit board running around in the background.

Yes that would be my Mii checking out its (my) butt.

What is this ballooning I'm talking about? Well after you stand on the board it lets you know how small or big you are by adjusting the way your Mii looks. This can be rather disheartening when your weight goes up. I wanted to show what it looks like every time I step on that board...


I love the head scratch at the my Mii just can't figure out how it got so big. I can tell you how...stress...eating...laziness. Mystery solved. Ta-dah!

Today I woke up and fixed myself an omelet, which I haven't done in ages. Funny how something as simple as that can get passed by for the even simpler task of driving to get fast food. I also spent some time on the Wii Fit doing some yoga and hula hooping. Yes you read that right they have a hula hooping game on there and it kicks my sorry butt every time.

Emmett sits next to me as stares at me like I've lost it. Trust me do...I lost it long before a Wii was ever involved. He's been driving me batso and I know that's because he's antsy, so if the wind stays calm I will probably take him on a walk to get us both out and doing something.

I guess you could say that today is really the kick off for all of this health stuff. Which makes me wonder out loud...when did healthy become such a dirty word? I feel like when I hear it that all I can think is...I have to give up everything I like. Well no more. Now it's about feeling good.


  1. My husband keeps asking me if I want a Wii Fit and the weight gaining Mii is the main reason I'm too scared to get one.

    I really do want to try out the yoga programs though.

  2. Salt: After the Mii gains its don't have to deal with it anymore. When you do the yoga in it you get a human looking character. Honestly when we remember to use the Fit we really like it.

  3. I agree...I would throw the thing out the window if I had to watch the Mii doing yoga. Ugh.

  4. The WII is a great thing, it actually shocked me into getting fit after Iwas told my WII age was 34 years older than I actually am.

  5. OMG the first time I did this it said in the MOST ADORABLE voice "That's obese!" I laughed so hard but it was also a little sad. My fit age was lower than my normal age though because I have excellent balance.

  6. @Lion: My age ranges so much. Some days I'll be 4 years younger...while other days I am 20+ older than I actually am.

    @Jeannette: The voice cracks me up! Like somehow the cute voice will cover the fact that it's telling you that you're fat!

  7. OMG! This is every day of my life, I just cackled out loud! I've been known to tell my Mii "Oh Shut up!" when it balloons and says in it's sugary sweet little voice "That's overweight"

    Duh, that's why I'm here you twit!


  8. @Kelli: "Oh shut up" is far nicer than some of the things I have said. Honestly I don't know which is worse..the Mii or the little cartoon Wii Fit board!