Pretty vintage

4/02/2010 11:58:00 AM Ashley 7 Comments

I'm happy to report that it's less windy than yesterday.

Seeing as I am trapped in the house yet again (Nate blew out the tire on the Versa and is using our other car). I might be going a little stir crazy. To combat that I will share more vintage, because really what is better than looking at beautiful wearable things?

Betty so does not fit into the top of this one. The owner of this dress was no doubt busty. Now it's pretty cool because I do know a little info about who owned this dress. It was worn by Miss Denver in the 1950's (sorry I can't remember the exact date). Of course it has beading, but it just has to. I love the shimmeriness of the satin skirt mixed with the cotton-y top. It is a gorgeous dark champagne color. *Sigh*. Some day I will fit into you and you will be worn proudly!


Up close of bust (poor Betty).

Back (sorry it's so blurry).

Detail of the button closure on the back.

This poor little top was found at our local Buffalo exchange. He had long lost his bottom half and was shoved into a corner. The crazy part of me wants to throw this on with a great pair of skinny jeans and nude heels. The more I think about it, the more it's going to have to happen. The beading on it is too fun...with the "mini" tassel like beads dangling all over it.


Up close of the tassel like beading. You can see the little pearl hiding in the sequins.

Detail of the beading at the neck (it has the same beading at the bottom).

Back has a full zipper that runs the length of the top.

This next dress is a 40's dream. It's missing its lining and belt, but that can all be easily fixed. It needs a belt, because it is a boxy dress. What makes it so special? The burnt out pattern it has to it and the embroidered bouquet on the shoulder.

Front. I did pin it back to give it some shape.

Back, which I did not pin back so you could see some of the boxiness of the dress.

Close up of the fabric. I also wanted to show you how you could see through the green parts.

The beautiful bouquet on the right shoulder.

Instead of a zipper, you find a row of buttons.

Another Buffalo Exchange find. I'm always amazed at how much, for so cheap, that I can find there. This dress needs some cleaning and either the buttons to be changed or repaired. I like this 70's dress for its cute wear-ability. It also has this great texture to the fabric. It's made to look like a wrap dress, but isn't fully. Everything is sewn together, but the flap does unbutton to make it easier to get into.


Detail of fabric and buttons.


This was found at a local antique store. I liked it because of the seaming and nice neckline. It would be perfect for a very simple wedding.


Detail of bust and seaming.


I keep looking through my photos. I have now shown you 20 of my dresses and still have 13 to show. I'm keeping those 13 hidden for a reason. They are my very formal/detailed dresses and will probably get their own individual posts.

I hope you have been enjoying looking through my vintage!


  1. I agree, that top much be worn!

  2. I'm not a vintage shopper, and if this is too personal, don't answer it...

    Are these vintage dresses expensive? Do they become worth more like antiques as they age?

    I've truly never looked at vintage things before because I had no idea they could be so beautiful. I have no idea where to even look for these things!

    I love your collection though! You have so many wonderful pieces. My favorite in this post is the wrap dress. It is adorable.

  3. The 70's dress is my favorite so far! I would wear that in a heartbeat.

  4. Angela: I don't mind you asking about cost at all. Really the dresses I have range greatly in price. In today's line up the most expensive one is the 40's one ($65) and that's because of age and condition. The long cream one was about $45 and the Top and 70's dress were both under $10. I actually was given the 50's dress for a very kind and wonderful vintage store owner. I do have dresses that range up to $350. When you start getting into the higher range you are looking at dresses that are heavily beaded, older (50's and earlier) and made by designers.
    If you take proper care of them they can become worth more than you paid. You'd be amazed at the collectors that are out there. I've gotten a few of my dresses off of Etsy and the second I purchased them I had emails offering to take them off of my hands.
    If you start looking locally, do Google searches in your area. Look at flea markets and antique stores. On-line...really Etsy has some amazing sellers. If you're planning on wearing them...know your measurements!
    If you have more questions, please e-mail me I'd love to help you!


  5. i love the second to last lacey dress!

  6. Wow, these are so amazing! They are all so fabulous. I love the first dress is so cozy and comfy looking, but sparkly too:) Just my style...I love your collection!

  7. i love the 70's dress! i admire your patience in looking for these wonderful finds.

    shuttling in from SITS :)