What's in my purse and random update

4/10/2010 09:41:00 AM Ashley 8 Comments

My butt hurts.

I just wanted to throw that out there for you.

I guess I should preface that with the fact that I slept on the floor again last night. I'm still taking care of our little fuzzy butt. We had some issues with the lower half...lets just say lots of trips outside with me begging him to do something. We'll be buying some canned pumpkin and/or yams to hopefully fix that.

I will say that I have bee getting quite the workout through all of this. Lots of squats and lifting/holding/carrying of the Emmett. Most people work their way up with lighter weights...not me, I went straight for the 30lb dog.

Okay I want to keep this blog fun today and I was thinking about what to do, then I read the always fabulous blog of Andi over at Saltwater Dreams. She did a "what's in your purse" and I thought that would be a ton of fun and easy to do with me living in the living room currently.

I dumped out the purse and laughed...man how did I go from carrying a tiny purse to a large purse that I could live out of? How life changes!

I'll try to list everything from left to right.


1. I'll start with my very cute purse from Radley (which I talked about here). Don't you just love the polka dots peaking out from the inside?
2. Collection of keys which includes house keys, keys to house in Colorado, Versa keys and Audi keys.
3. Wisps...probably one of the coolest breath/teeth fresheners I have ever used. Ever have those days where you would love to brush your teeth to freshen up? Must have!
4. Striped bag
5. Origins Ginger roll on perfume.
6. Make up bag that's really full of lip stuff.
7. Eye glass cleaner.
8. Face blotting sheets from Sephora.
9. Olivina Lavender hand lotion (love this stuff!), I first found it at a olive/winery in Sonoma, CA.
10. Tide stain pen.
11. Tea tree oil toothpicks.
12. Honey mint Altoids.
13. Hard candies from our favorite sushi restaurant.
14. Origins pressed powder.
15. Bumble and Bumble travel sized hairspray (to help fight off the crazy wind).
16. Gum.
17. Girlie case to hold girlie things.
18. Banana Republic sunglasses.
19. Wallet (yes I know it's amazing it's in here).
20. Pens because people take them.
21. Check book (I know I still use them...crazy).
22. Tissues (must have).
23. Fold up brush with mirror from Sephora.
24. Pill case with some Zertec off to the side...just for those moments of major allergy issues.
25. Cell phone (My Touch).
26. A whole collection of stuff for Emmett. After these past two days everything he's been on got tossed into my purse along with his leash (no he couldn't walk...but better safe than sorry). The needles are for his Adequan injections (shiver).

Holy craziness Batman! I have a lot of stuff...granted I usually am not carrying around all of that stuff for Emmett, I just wanted to make sure the Pet ER knew what he was on when I took him in. Everything else pretty much lives in my purse all the time!

My striped bag holds all of my store cards, gift cards and business cards. I also carry these amazing scented towelettes in there as well (wonderful for freshening up).

My makeup bag was actually my mom's makeup bag that she carried in her purse! Funny enough I only really carry lipstick and glosses in there. Hey you never know what color you might need!

So there you have it...everything that is in my purse! I carry a lot...but use pretty much everything. I guess I moved up to the larger bag so I can always be prepared and still have room to toss things in there when I need to. Oh and can I tell you how amazing the longer strap on my purse has been? I've been able to toss it over my head while carrying Emmett and I never had to worry about losing it. One less thing to worry about!

What's in your purse?


  1. These are so fun!
    I can't believe you carry a checkbook-haha, that is too funny for some reason :) That lavender hand lotion sounds amazing-I love that it has a neat story behind it too. My 'make-up' bag is just like yours--all lip stuff! And I never even touch up! Makes no sense ;)

    Hope Emmett is feeling better!!

  2. When I switch purses in the spring and fall, I'm always amazed at just how much STUFF I accumulate in 6 months. And half of it I never even touch once it's in the bag. Crazy.

  3. @Andi: I think it's really funny that I have a checkbook too. There have been a few times where I have needed one so I just started carrying it. If my purse weren't so large it would be left at home. If you'd like to try the lotion let me know...I may or may not have a few bottles of it!

    @Funky Mama Bird: I'm amazed at how much I actually use. I'll try to clean it out and then a few days later I'm frantically rummaging around to find said item.

  4. Just stopping by from SITS!

    Wow, I can't believe you get all that in your purse. Is it heavy? I carry a suitcase myself. :)

  5. AndreaLeigh: Welcome! Honestly my purse is probably heavy for anyone else that might have to carry it...but I hardly notice the weight. Also, I always shop for purses that are light when they are empty. That way they aren't adding to the weight too much.

  6. I love that you carry so many colors of lip stick and gloss with you at all times! Brilliant!

    Stopping by from SITS. Hope you have a great day!

  7. @Browneyes: I'm taking the "brilliant" comment and running with it, because some might think I am crazy for doing that. I like to be prepared for any lip issues that may come up!

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