Wants for the house in CO

4/27/2010 08:45:00 PM Ashley 3 Comments

The post about my home in Colorado really got me thinking about everything we want to do with the house. I know it's two years away, but I can dream and dream I will. I want to mess with the downstairs the most (with thoughts traveling to the two upstairs bathrooms). I wanted to share some of my hopes for updates to make the house a home.

As a refresher here are some pictures of the house...for reference (and my enjoyment).


This is what you see when you first walk in (both the living room, dining room and kitchen in far back).

What been done:
~Painted the wall that separates the living area from the kitchen.
~Changed the light fixture in the dining area.

What we want to change:
~Paint the wall with the window (in one of the striping colors) so that the dining area seems more like its own space.
~Window treatments.
~Pull out carpet and put in wood floors.


What's been done:
~Changed out light with a pot rack that also has a light in it.

What we want to change:
~Put in stone or tile floors (also in half bath).
~New sink
~Counter tops and back splash.


What's been done:
~Changed light over front door.

What we'd like to change:
~Cover ledge in stone or tile (who puts painted wood right behind the sink!?)
~Tile/stone at front entrance area (or just extend the wood?).
~Change the ceiling fan.
~You can't see it, but to the left of the wall there is a garage entrance that would also get tile/stone.

So there are my wants. Now here are a few things I am drooling over...

Tile ideas (because I just can't figure out what to do in the kitchen area):

Wood flooring (we're pretty much set on dark/black wood because it's perfect for how much light the house gets):

Well there are some of the things we want to do.

What do you think? Is there a wood floor or tile that you just love? Care to link it?


  1. Love all of the plans!
    We had dark wood floors in one of our homes. And it was beautiful, but only for the first hour after it was cleaned. Animals or dust (even from shoes) showed up in SUCH contrast...
    I need to work on tile projects soon...

  2. Oh, love your picks! The natural travertine (your last pick) is what we're thinking of for our full bath when we get around to remodeling it.

    I love, love, love that dark floor. However I will agree with AK. We have a darker redish wood floor (seen in my bench post) that shows everything! My two pups make it such a mess. Dust, hair, dirt. It literally needs swept and mopped daily. However, I mentioned the black & white master makeover to you before and we plan to put dark floors like that in our half bath & laundry room. Even though I don't like how you can see everything, I still love the color a little more.

  3. We currently have really light blond wood floors and they too show everything. I think it's the nature of having a wood floor and pets. We're also looking at resale value as well, as we won't be living in that house forever. We want to add things that will make it stand out from all of the exact same houses in the area.