A little pretty vintage

4/20/2010 12:20:00 PM Ashley 6 Comments

I'm in need of something pretty to look at, today is feeling like a Monday and I need to shake those blues. I figured what better than a beautiful vintage dress to fill the need of pretty things? I still have a few more to share (crazy I know).

Today's dress is heavy. I mean that in the best way possible. With the crazy amount of beading it has on it...it could easily weigh over 5lbs! The crazy thing about it is that someone actually made the skirt shorter on it, so I can't even begin to guess how heavy it actually was. The fabric is heavy as well, which isn't too shocking with the copious amounts of beading the fabric has to hold up to. In person it is a beautiful dusty sage green dress that is easily from the 50's. It looks as though every bead and twist of ribbon was hand applied. They don't make them like this anymore!


Bust without flash so you can see the bead work.

Detail of the bead work and the gold thread/robe that weaves its way around the rhinestones.


This was a dress that was probably worn for a short period of time. When I put it on the first thing I noticed was of course the weight, which you could probably get use to. The there is the fact that the beading is everywhere...even under the arms. I'd be afraid of the robe and rhinestones rubbing me the wrong way. None-the-less it is a breathtaking dress!

On a side note I just realized that we are part the middle part of April...which means I am overdue for a giveaway! I need to look through my goodies to figure out what will be a part of this giveaway. That means keep an eye out for a review...cause that just might be part of the winnings!


  1. I so look forward to seeing the dresses you post! It makes me wish I lived a different life where these would get worn.

  2. I WANT THIS DRESS! I want to wear it!! ::SWOON::

  3. Your dress collection is so amazing! I look forward to every vintage item you post.

  4. I remember when I was a vintage girl. It's so hard to find vintage stuff in my size now. Back when I was 20 I would have rocked that dress in an instant!

  5. I must say. I am ill a good portion of the time. I spend most of my days in bed and your blog posts really keep me going. Whether you post a pretty dress, craft, something inspirational about your Mom or even just a makeup review, it makes my day just a little brighter each time.

    Every night and sometimes in the morning I sit down with a warm beverage and open your blog.

    I look forward to all your posts. They are like a treat for me after a hard day.

    Thank you for keeping this up.

  6. @Funky Mama Bird: I know how you feel...I too wish I could travel back in time to wear these dresses...and maybe buy a few 100 more dresses to bring back with me!

    @Andi: If you can ever find a reason to wear it...it's yours (to borrow of course)!

    @Deconstruction: Thank you! I really do enjoy posting about all of them!

    @Amanda: I know what you mean about larger vintage. I actually own one dress that is huge for when it was made. I'm waiting for a reason to rock this dress!

    @Anon: Truly thank you. This warmed my heart so much and left me a little speechless (in a very good way)! I'm so glad that you find joy in my posts, knowing that is what keeps me posting every day. If I can touch one person, it's worth it to me.
    I hope that you feel better and know you are in my thoughts! If you ever need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to email me!