Emmett's visit to the vet

4/30/2010 05:48:00 PM Ashley 7 Comments

With our vet consult for Emmett being pushed back until today, I must say that the extra wait was worth it.

Emmett calmly trotted into the place without hesitation, which is saying something. At our current vet he cries and pulls and hides. He wants nothing to do with the place. You get your balls chopped off one time and apparently it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Or so I assume...seeing as I don't have balls to lose.

The receptionist came out and played with Emmett and he shared as many puppy kisses with her as he could. Amazing.

On the other hand it wasn't going perfectly for us, but that may be because our current vet never told us that we needed to pick up Emmett's x-rays to take in. Fail.

Emmett loved everyone there...except the doctor. But that may be because he had to pull and prod. Never fun for hurt puppy. Then they deiced to just take their own x-rays, which honestly we are fine with, because they are high tech and load them onto a computer...so they can actually send them other places with a lot more ease.

Then something even more amazing happened, the doctor actually talked to us and told us exactly what was going on and in terms we could understand. Whereas our personal vet and its doctors have been less than helpful. As in...the current doctor who treats him the most hadn't looked at the x-rays, never really told us what to expect, and never gave us options. Nothing. Suddenly this vet that we had been going to for two years was beginning to suck. So total shock when we were actually getting answers from this new vet.

Our vet made him go from bad, to okay, to worse, to dire.

Today's vet let us know that we could ride it out for a bit with what we are currently doing and by adding some things to our routine. Then he discussed the more major treatments (surgeries). We will have to do surgery, we just have to decided which will work best for us.

Honestly it's great to know that we can wait for a bit, which allows us to save for his hip replacement. And at a wopping $5000 for ONE hip, we're going to need to save. The doctor also gave us info for vets to look into for our coming move.

On a geek note, we got to play with the metal implant to see what it looks like and how it works. Pretty sure Nate would have pocketed it, to play with, if he could.

Oh, and when we went to pay...we realized that they didn't make us pay for the x-ray. Truly amazing and kind of them.

I feel better about all of this, knowing that we did nothing to cause this and that we have more options than what we were first given. On the other hand this great visit is making me give major side eye to our current vet. We're rather happy that we'll only have to deal with them for a few more months.

*I couldn't post about Emmett and not give you pictures!


  1. I seriously love Emmett picture time! That first one is so amazing.

  2. Love that pic! Good to know that you can wait a bit. Hopefully the surgery will be a complete success as well.

  3. thethingaboutdaisiesMay 2, 2010 at 11:46 AM

    That was soon after we got him and Nate thought we could treat him like a small kid. Emmett wasn't so fond of the idea of the slide.

  4. thethingaboutdaisiesMay 2, 2010 at 11:47 AM

    We hope everything will work out. There is a three month healing process where he is not allowed to do anything. We'd have to keep him kenneled and only let him out to potty. That may make me crazy.

  5. thethingaboutdaisiesMay 2, 2010 at 11:48 AM

    Thanks for stopping by! And thank you, we love him to pieces...which he knows all to well.

  6. thethingaboutdaisiesMay 2, 2010 at 11:49 AM

    Thank you for stopping by! We were really happy that this vet actually talked to us. The next step is finding a vet in the new city we'll be moving to in a few months.

  7. Oh my that's an expensive bill! I work at a vet's office, and I agree digital x-rays are amazing! No more dipping the films and its soo easy to send a CD home with the client or email xrays to specialists.

    Emmet is adorable!!