Never ending house work

4/21/2010 01:28:00 PM Ashley 5 Comments

Our house is a disaster...and that is being kind. I'm cleaning, but it's hard to tell. I'm the kind of cleaner that rips everything apart and then puts it back in place. It always gets worse before it gets better. If you clean like it do, then you understand.

Why all the cleaning?

Hopefully I can share that with you all soon. For now it's just a lot of cleaning. Right now I am filling Rubbermaid boxes with clothing that doesn't currently fit me. Don't you dare tell me to get rid of it. My skinny clothing is one of the things that keeps me going with this weight loss goal. I have some fabulous pieces that I'm just not willing to give up. Maybe I won't like them when I fit into them again...but dang it I am not taking any chances!

Don't worry though...I did thin some of the clothing out for donation. I already had one huge donation pile and am working on another pile! I'm very proud of the fact that I am able to get rid of so much stuff. I'm usually such a pack rat, but I'm having to be logical about it now (especially with the military lifestyle).

In between packing boxes and doing laundry I was able to fit in some Wii Fit time. Luckily I am holding pretty steady with my weight loss. Always a good thing if you ask me! Today Emmett was being extra helpful with my weigh in...

As soon as I pull the board out Emmett usually decides to lay next to it and watch me. Every once-in-awhile I have to shoo him away because he has rested his head on the board and made my weight balloon up a few extra pounds. Pounds I do not want added!



I am in desperate need of a pedicure...this I know. And yes, vacuuming is on my list of things to do either today or tomorrow (man I hate vacuuming). It's windy here...still. I find my desire to dust and vacuum decrease as the wind increases. There's probably some sort of mathematical equation that goes along with that.

What is a chore that you hate doing? How often do you purge your house and/or closet?


  1. I am just like you. Unpacking boxes has made it look worse! At least in the boxes it was all neat and orderly. Oh well. I have also had to un pack rat myself due to the military. This was the first time we had all our things from all three cities in Texas in one house. We have a lot of crap! I am donating like 10 clothes boxes worth of stuff. It's kinda therapeutic. I have yet to unpack the Wii though. :(

    I HATE doing dishes! No idea why... just always have.

  2. I'm glad you aren't getting rid of your skinny clothes! I didn't and now Im so glad cause I fit them all again!! I DID however get rid of my fat clothes immediately! lol

  3. I hate cleaning just about anything. When I was cleaning this weekend for company I went crazy and ended up rearraging the house. Husband was shocked, but happy I still managed to get it all finished in time. I finally have a guest room that looks like one! Rather than my closet threw up all over the place. And it seems everything has a home in my kitchen now. Glad you found the award on my blog! Hadn't been over to let you know yet.

  4. Chores. Ugh, not for me. My husband has more free time and does most of the chores. I do my own laundry, keep my closet area clean, water the plants, feed the fish and take out the garbage.

  5. @Jeannette: Man the military really makes you never want to see another box again! We're going to be moving soon and I dreading the fact that we will have to unpack it all, thus the crazy purging! Good luck keeping your home purged!

    @Lindsay: I couldn't get rid of stuff...I have some great things and I can't wait to be able to do OOTD's with them. I might keep a few fat I can have them taken in.

    @Cassie: You sound like me when I am cleaning. I am currently working on our bedroom and I know it's going to look totally different when I am done! Sadly my guest room has been taken over by suitcases. No space for guests for now.

    @Deconstruction: I got my husband to do the dishes and the yard work (but I blame my allergies for not being able to help). Seeing as I am currently a SAHW...I do most of the cleaning.