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4/23/2010 10:12:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

I've been holed up in the bedroom trying to get some stuff done. I honestly have lost track of time for the past few days. While I don't have anything amazing to talk about...I wanted to point you to two wonderful blogs that I love reading. They both just got 50 followers and have decided to each have a give away! Check them out!

A Little Bit of Everything: Just like her title can find a little bit of everything over there, but a lot of fashion and beauty! Such a fun blog!

The Pretty Pauper
: She has outfits of the day...which I always love seeing! She's a Coloradoan...which makes me love her even more! I also love that she talks about the randomness that you may see in her photos.

Got check them out...follow...enter to win goodies!

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  1. Aww- thanks for the post :)

    The Pretty Pauper