Stolen photography

4/19/2010 02:36:00 PM Ashley 5 Comments

I'm part of a blogging community and was looking around their forum, that's how I found out that a very talented photographer, Melissa Papaj, is having her photos used without her consent. Now I know a lot of you will's the internet, everything is up for grabs. I say it's still not right. What makes this even worse is that her photography is being stolen by another "photographer" who is playing it off as his own work (you can see the site here).

This is sickening, saddening and apparently not the first time this photographer has done this.

Why am I writing about this? Because I feel that people should know about this deceitful person. Also, once upon-a-time I use to love photography and was actually good at it and if I ever had my work stolen I would be devastated. He is apparently located in San if you're out there and need a photographer stay away!

No one deserves to have their hard work stolen, especially when it's being used in hopes of getting jobs (and money).

If you're in Utah and need a photographer, I would recommend Melissa Papaj, her work is beautiful and is her own.


  1. The link to his site is broken. Her work is beautiful. Thanks for the warning.

  2. Thanks, it should be fixed now!

  3. What a creep! All I gotta say is...KARMA! I hope it pops him in the butt.

  4. That is just ridiculous! I hate hearing about things like this -- other photographers may be wary to post their work because they are afraid of theft and that benefits no one...