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4/28/2010 12:02:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

Our room doesn't have a whole lot of cohesiveness right now, but it's to be expected when you are working on changing the over all look. Then again you're talking to the girl who's high school bedroom was covered in stuff. I had a whole wall turned into a cork board because I had so much stuff on my walls. So the fact that I'm no longer living/sleeping in a cluttered mess is really saying something. I've come a long way.

Now while I will love to add more grey and yellow to the room, I will always keep certain things in the room, even if they don't "match". Some things are there because they are pretty and others have been added for storage.



On the far dresser you may have noticed these perfume bottles. They are something I collect. There is a glass blower at the local Renaissance Fair in Colorado, who makes beautiful vases (which my mom use to collect). Well he also makes these perfume bottles. I love the colors and of course beautiful glass work. The clear perfume bottle was my mom's. It still has the scent in it, which is something that reminds me of her. The elephant was once silver, but now tarnished. He was a gift to my mom many years ago and he now lives with me. He sits upon a wood cigar box, which holds some of my many vintage brooches. I absolutely love cigar boxes. They can be well built and have a nice smell to them (I love how cigars smell).


Nate's catch-all, which was moved into the bedroom from the kitchen. Sometimes he has the issue of not using the catch-all and misplaces things. I thought that it might work better for him if it was in the bedroom and so far it's working. He can toss his wallet, phone, keys and watch there and know where everything is. The coin is from his old Air Force Academy squadron and of course you can never not have play-doh around.


I also finally moved my perfumes into the bedroom. Before they were sitting on a ledge in the bathroom and would get hit with some direct sunlight...which is never good. Now they all live very happily in this mirrored tray that I got at Target. The tray is also right next to my jewelry armoire, so I can get fragrance on before jewelry. Which is always good...especially for the pearls.

Those are a few things that make our room...ours. Sooner or later we'll actually get around to printing out wedding photos and have them hanging in the room.

Do you have things in your room that make it more "you"?

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  1. Those perfume bottles are so unique-very cool. I love how organic Nate's catch-all is and I love your perfume tray! I have everything up high now so the kids can't get into it, that definitely takes a toll on our decor decisions, lol!