Why I don't care what Brian Boitano would do

4/04/2010 03:46:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

Or cook for that matter.

I'm bitter...I'll admit it and it doesn't help that Brian Boitano is everywhere right now. Okay so he's only really on the Food Network, but damnit I need my Iron Chef America!

What brought on this hatred?

He my friends, was the first boy to break my heart.

Years and years and years and years ago I used to figure skate. I was a part of themed ice shows every winter and summer and they would always try to pull in a big name skater to be a part of the show. That meant I was able to meet the likes of Scott Hamilton and Nancy Kerrigan. Being so young and dreaming about skating professionally and getting to meet the likes of these skaters was a dream come true. I was in heaven. They were always so nice. They would gladly sign autographs and pose in pictures, some would even come out and skate with us. They made me want to skate harder and be better.

Then it happened. I met Brian Boitano. Well not really met, more like I saw him. He had signed on to do our summer show and was going to be the Phantom (from The Phantom of the Opera).

The first things I heard about him was complaints. Apparently he refused, refused, to wear the Phantom mask. Now keep in mind that he was being paid to do this and was the main reason people were coming to see the show. The knew he was there...they announced every night that he was there...he was in the program.

No mask for him. People needed to see his face.

Now while that was making everyone else mad, I didn't really care. I was young. All I cared about was a signature to add to my already amazing list of people I looked up to.

A group of young impressionable children stood outside of his dressing room, like we had so many times before. I was prepared with my program and Sharpie (duh they never fade), fully decked out in my costume and hooker makeup (the better to see me with).

We waited...


Someone came out and told us there would be no signatures given.

Crushed and defeated I waddled my way back into our dressing room. My little heart broken.

Fine he wouldn't wear a mask, but how hard is it to sign a few programs for 10 minutes?

I have never forgotten that.

I don't like him. He makes my eye twitch. You can hear me yelling at him whenever his Food Network show comes on. Nate laughs at me. My inner child cries a little.

So no...I don't care what he cooks or does. To me he will always be the skater that was too good to talk to some little kids that could have ended up being the future of skating (some of them probably went on to great things).

Poo Brian Boitano. Poo. You ruined that summer for me.

Meanie face (said in true 7 year old fashion)!