I dream of green dressers

4/03/2010 06:31:00 PM Ashley 4 Comments

I know what you're thinking...more green.

Don't roll your eyes too hard.

I'm not talking about makeup or clothing. I'm talking about my unnatural desire to have a green dresser for my guest bedroom.

Here's a refresher on what the bedding looks like in our guest bedroom.

{Image from Pottery Barn}

It's Pottery Barn's Woodland Organic collection.

How fresh and wonderful would a green dresser look? I know right? Pretty awesome!

All I need to do is find the perfect dresser. So while I keep browsing Craigslist and stores around town I will share some of my favorite green dressers.

{Image from morewaystowastetime.blogspot.com}

vanessa campaign Pictures, Images and Photos
{Image from Lonny.com}

{Image from CountryLiving.com}

{Image from Etsy seller Poppyseedliving}


So pretty. I look forward to finding our perfect dresser to turn green.


  1. I am simultaneously coveting your bedspread and the first green dresser you posted. You have great taste!

  2. Those are great! What fun things for the room!!!

  3. Funky Mama Bird: Thank you! I am so in love with our guest bedding. I debated long and hard about making it our bedding, but I decided that it was a perfect way to welcome guests!

    Ann: I'm very excited to do a green dresser, but I know I'm going to have issues picking the perfect green.

  4. Too funny - every time I admire a piece of furniture, it's green - my boyfriend always says "what IS it with you and green???" Glad I am not alone :) Found you through the SITS blog frog community. I love your blog.